Blues.Gr traffic is being monitored by Google Analytics. Please find attached the dashboard report for March 2008.

I also attach a second report detailing the period between February 5th of 2008 and March 31st of 2008, compared the previous two months (Dec 2007 and Jan 2008).

February 5th was the date that Blues.Gr migrated to the new platform. The report shows the results of the first two months after migration (thick blue line), compared to the last two months before migration (thing green line).

Here are some of the findings: After migration:
  • Visits have increated by over 500%
  • Pageviews have increased by over 1100%
  • Pages/Vist have increased by over 100%
  • Average time on site has increased by almost 400%
  • Bounce rate has droped by 37%
  • Returning visitors have increased to over 80% of total visitors.

All these indicators are extraordinary. Thanks to all members and blues music lovers for supporting this site.

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