American Blues Performer looking to meet local blues enthusiasts

Hi,  My name is Doc and I sing and play electric blues - mostly the standards.  I also can do old rock and American Country music.  I am considering living in Athens for a few months and would like to meet other performers, maybe sit in on some jams or perform as a guest with other bands.  Let me know if interested.  Here is a link to a show I did with my band in September.  I am the old guy with the SG

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Hello my friend , my name is Konstantinos and i m from Athens. I play blues guitar from a long time ago and sing a little bit. I ve been out of the business for a period and this time i m seeking to meet new musicians to jam along with or to form a band. I would be also interested for an acoustic duo. Nomatter what i m looking forward to meet someone for a stimulating cooperation and wherever it goes.. I would be glad to meet you, kind regards, Konstantinos.

Great,  I am trying to get everything together personally and with my health and finances so I can come and spend at least 2 months in Athens.  Maybe Starting December or January.  The good news is that I now live on 2 hours away by plane and I already have some friends there (not in music but business) and they can help me to find a place to stay and maybe even get me some part time work so I think I will come.  I can only bring one guitar and a small portable amp but it is enough to get started.  Doc

can you give me your phone and mail?

Hello Doc, i will be very glad meeting you.. I think we can form something together. I play electric and acoustic blue and i m flexible quite enough. Athens has many small clubs that is hosting bands so we see what happens. Also ,if you come to Greece i ll show you around, learn you the good places and become friends . Now, like you, i also prefer that we speak directly outside this forum by phone number or email so can get known to each other better. I wouldn t like to share in this forum my phone number as it will be visible by everybody. Please send me an email at : so we can pass to each other phone numbers and speak directly. I m looking forward, with big anticipation, all the best , Konstantinos

Hello again Doc, i m Konstantinos . If you have difficulty emailing me at :, you can accept the friend request that i have made to  you through this website and we will be able to text to each other directly and exchange phone numbers. I just had bad experience in the past posting my phone number in public. I m looking forward hearing from you, Konstantinos..

i believe i did accept the friends request and i am copying your e mail as well    i am about 80% sure i will come to athens in december so we will meet first thing after i get there


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