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Ben Granfelt 20th aniversary tour

Ben Granfelt has released a new album and he's back on the road again with his new four piece band.

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Ile Kallio Big Rock Band

I saw Ile Kallio Big Rock Band on wednesday the 5th of March at Tavastia Club Helsinki. It was their first public gig. They were awesome! I haven't felt such passion for ages.

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Do you recall what was revealed the day the music died?

Snow was snowing, wind was blowing
When the world said, goodbye Buddy
Still I know that up in heaven
Is where we'll hear him sing again...

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Christmas music

Well, listen to this!


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Detroit CD release party

Detroit new CD release gig at StreetBar 95 in Turku, Finland, on Saturday December 14. Detroit is to play at 11 in the evening.

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Dani Wilde

Dani has a new single called "Loving You". It's an excellent track. Watch the video and buy it from I-tunes.

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Dave Edmunds in Logomo

The gig was great. He was in good shape. He played lot's of Chuck Berry stuff and he even played Sabredance. How can anyone play so fast and furious? "Amazing" and "Awesome" are words that are so overused in the English language, but in the case of Dave Edmunds, they're warranted!

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Alvin Lee r.i.p.

Alvin Lee is gone. So sad about us. The world has lost a truly great and gifted musician.

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Winter is forever

At least it feels like it. Today was cold day in here. -20 celsius outside. Where's that fine weather and sunshine? It's going to snow today once again.

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Better day

Sun is shining. It feels so great. Long winter seems to be over at last. Too much snow too much cold...

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Against the wind

It wasn't nice to woke up and notice there is  -21 celsius outside. Great! I would rather stay at home thna go to work, but that wasn't an option. Hopefully the temperature rises even a bit on next couple of hours...

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