4th Thrill Blues Festival - The Heartbeat of the Blues in Southern East Europe, Trilj Croatia (Photos / Part 1st)

"The blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits. It's better keeping the roots alive, because it means better fruits from now on. The blues are the roots of all American music. As long as American music survives, so will the blues." ~ Willie Dixon 

4th Thrill Blues Festival, Trilj Croatia:

The Heartbeat of the Blues in Southern East Europe!

In the heart of Dalmatia, around 40 kilometers north of Split, on the shores of the Cetina River lies a town called Trilj. Apart from the natural beauties and rich cuisine, Trilj will become famous worldwide for the blues. Thrill Isn't Gone!

Photos © by Tadinac Saša / All rights reserved

Special Thanks: Andriana Ivkovic (Visit Trilj), Antonija Vrgoč Rola & Boris Hrepić Hrepa, Miro Dimić, Samir Milla, and Thrill Blues Festival Team

(Photo: Big Daddy Wilson & The Goosebumps Brothers)

(Photo: Andriana Ivkovic & Big Daddy Wilson)

(Photo: Boris Hrepić Hrepa, Blues At School)

(Photo: Boris Hrepić Hrepa & Marinko Biskic / Nadalina)

(Photo: Michael Limnios & Boris Hrepić Hrepa)

(Photo: Welcome Thill Blues Festival Jam)

(Photo: Boris Hrepić Hrepa, Big Daddy Wilson, Miro Dimić, and James Perri)

(Photo: Trilj's Mayor, Mr. Ivan Bugarin & Andriana Ivkovic / Press Conference)

(Photo: Trilj's Mayor, Mr. Ivan Bugarin, Michael Limnios & Boris Hrepić Hrepa)

(Photo: Odin Sokač)

(Photo: D'Bluz)

(Photo: Ozone)

(Photo: 4 Hombres & Flowery)

(Photo: James Perri & Thrill All Stars Band)

(Photo: Sunnysiders)

(Photo: Wacky Blues Professors) 

(Photo: Same Players Shoot Again)

(Photo: Big Daddy Wilson)

(Photo: Leo Baltazar, James Perri, Antonija Vrgoč Rola, Boris Hrepa, Miro Dimić, Michael Limnios, Luka Banić and Mate Palestrina Mazic)

(Photo: Michael Limnios & Tadinac Saša, Trilj)

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