As many of you probably know, Blues.Gr has a twitter account (@bluesgr) where it automatically posts (tweets) every activity on our social network.

This allows us to transmit the activities on our site to a much wider audience.

One thing you didn't know about Blues.Gr's twitter account is that every link we post on Twitter is tracked using This allows us to know how many twitter users clicked on every link we post on twitter, where those users come from, etc.

So, every time you post an event for instance in Blues.Gr, a tweet get automatically published on Twitter, tagged with #blues and #events tags, and a short URL in the same tweet is pointing to your event. :-)

You can track those URLs yourself (along with all other recent URLs published on Twitter through our account) by visiting our page at

If you think "what the hell is this guy talking about" now, then please don't hesitate to ask any question. Twitter is sort of hard to grasp at the beginning (let alone but once you get the grasp of it you can work miracles.


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