Country folk bluesman Barry "Big B" Brenner talks about resophonics, roots blues and Albert King

"Listen very carefully & Learn Deeply from The Past Masters"

Barry Big B Brenner: Tight Rhythm & Secret Smiles

Fellow musicians refer to him as; "Mr. Blues, Rags & Stomps", that's because Barry Big B Brenner plays the Real Country Folk Blues which originated in the Mississippi Delta, Texas Plains, Piney Woods, Piedmont Seaboard, Louisiana Bayou and of course...Chicago's South Side.

Barry has performed all over the USA; from Alaska to the back woods of the Arkansas Ozarks, out to the California Foothills and many points in-between. He was Born and raised on the legendary South Side of Chicago and is a self-taught singer and acoustic guitar virtuoso.


Big B has performed alongside such notables as renowned Blues Guitar Maestro Albert King and Eric Burdon of Animals fame. Barry now continues the grand American tradition of solo country bluesman and folk music songster.

He is a lifelong proponent of Finger-style Guitar picking, mastering the genres of COUNTRY BLUES, RAGTIME and DELTA BOTTLENECK SLIDE. Big B always features 4 different, totally unique sounding acoustic guitars in his live performance sets.

You'll hear 6-String, 12-String & National Resonator Guitars, "the way they were always meant to be played." A deep roots Blues Singer; Barry's penetrating vocals evoke the true feeling and meaning behind the expression "Down Home Blues" and revitalizes PRE-ELECTRIC BLUES as a truly original American musical gift to the world.

Interview by Michael Limnios


What experiences in your life make you a GOOD BLUESMAN and SONGWRITER?

Growing older & getting wiser plus constant wood shedding


How do you describe Big B sound and progress, what characterize your music philosophy?

Listen very carefully & Learn Deeply from The Past Masters


Which was the best moment of your career?

Playing Guitar With Albert King


What is the “feel” you miss most nowadays from the “OLD DAYS BLUES”?

Un-plugged Intensity as dynamically spoken through an Acoustic Guitar


Which is the most interesting period in your life and why?

I Live for Today!


How did you first meet Albert King?

Through my Drummer, Sam King


Are there any memories from Albert King, which you’d like to share with us?

Do NOT play above a whisper while Albert is talking &/or singing to his audience


What is the best advice a bluesman ever gave you?

Never give up your dream and work hard to make it come true.


What the difference and similarity between the ACOUSTIC FOLK BLUES and MODERN ELECTRIC BLUES feeling?

Organic & Synthetic


Why did you think that Real Country Folk Blues continues to generate such a devoted following?

Music that is pedestrian friendly


Do you know why the sound of slide and National Resonator guitar is connected to the blues?

Reaching for the Voice of Humanity


What are the secrets of COUNTRY BLUES, and RAGTIME?

Tight Rhythm & Secret Smiles


Barry Big B Brenner's website


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