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The Daddy's Work is a blues-rock band based in Athens. The first name was Bluesburger, with several appearances in Athenian scene and the provinces. They opened concerts known bands such as Dr. Feelgood, Louisiana Red, BluesWire, and Aynsley Lister.
Several members have come and gone, now with new line up and only two members from the original band continues to be Daddy's Work plays Blues-Rock and beyond ....

Daddy's Work Blues Band are: Themis Polizos: Drums, Giannis Pachidis: Harmonica, Stathis Anestis: Bass, Thanasis Giokas: Guitar & Dimitris Doulgeridis: Vocals/ Guitar

Let's talk about the blues with Giannis

Interview by Michael Limnios

When was your first desire to become involved in the blues?

As teenager musicians playing rock music, we tried to find out where all this stuff we’re playing came from. Eventually we discovered the aspects, forms and language of the Blues, being captured to its “charms” ever since.


Is “blues” a way of life?

Not really. I mean, have BB King, John Campbell, Bob Brozman or Robert Johnson spent their lives in a similar manner?  Of course, there is the classic motif of the “train, guitar, gig, booze, women, another train, another city” rambling man, but after all those years what stands out is just the Truth expressed through songs.


How was your relationship with the other Greek blues bands?

Very good. We are always attending as more gigs as we can. Misunderstandings are not uncommon, but this is natural to every family. After all, the idiom itself has a grounded nature that does not leave much room for arrogance or vanity.  


Which musician have you ever wanted to be?

Giannis (Harp): Paul Butterfield

Themis (Drums): Art Blakey

Dimitris (Guitar/vocals): Peter Green

Stathis (Bass): Johnny B. Gayden

Thanassis (Guitar): Jeff Beck

What does Blues offered you?

A sweet hug when I’m mistreated, a kick in the ass when I’m broken-down and a companion when I’m lonely; also, the chance to meet some wonderful people.


What do you learn about yourself from music?

Not much. Music, as a self-expressing procedure, can be a mirror, but not an approved psychoanalytic tool.


Why do you play the blues?

I have no choice. There is a certain loving feeling that I can’t resist to.


What was the last record you bought?

Giannis (Harp): Paul Butterfield & Walter "Shakey" Horton - An Offer You Can't Refuse

Themis (Drums): Junior Wells - Live at Buddy Guy's Legends

Dimitris (Guitar/vocals): Felix Cabrera band with Jimmy Vivino - Live at the turning point

Stathis (Bass): The Duke Robillard Band - Low Down and Tore Up

Thanassis (Guitar): Gov’t Mule – By a thread      


What advice would you give to Paul Butterfield?

Keep on blowing!


What would you give to Muddy Waters?

What would you give to a man who’s got a black cat bone and a mojo head?

What mistake of Greek blues music you want to correct?

Not any particular. At the end of the day, mistakes lead to knowledge.


Give one wish for the Greek blues music

To develop and grow both artistically and quantitatively.


What would you ask one of famous bluesman?

I would ask Albert King how the hell he managed to achieve such a killer tone by using his strange tuning and guitar/amp setup.


What your opinion about

Excellent website, a nice meeting point for all blues fans and/or musicians.


Three words to describe your sound your progress

Driven, electric, steady.


Happiness is……

….a warm gun (© John Lennon)


Tell me about the beginning of the band. How did you get together and where did it start?

The band came together years ago in Athens, under the name Bluesburger. Different members come and go, some good gigs in live bars or supporting bands like Dr Feelgood, Louisiana Red, Blues Wire, Aynsley Lister, George and the Dukes, Small Blues Trap etc.  Now, with new line up and a new name, having only two members from the previous period, the band continues to play blues-rock covers and not only.


How did you choose the name?

From Elias Zaikos’ song of the same name, included in Blues Gang’s second LP.


What project you want to work with BB King?

The “How blue can you get” project.


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