Nikolas is an electric blues singer, guitarist, songwriter and... reporter. 

He has many different musical influences while growing up, including Muddy Waters, Magic Slim, John Lee Hooker, Booker T & MGs. In 2005 he released, "Messing with the Blues", with songwriting and singing techniques showing the influence of both Willie Dixon & Ray Charles and a guitar style deeply rooted in the Chicago blues tradition.

He spent his early years playing at various blues rock venues around in Athens Greece, where he heard his friends Yiannis Samaras, Paul Xenos, Vagelis Panagiotarakos, Dimitris Matheas, Tassos Dimitriadis, Giannis Kappos to playing the smokin' blues. Rather, they are a team of artists who have made their mark, musicians with experience and know-how aplenty. Nikos Tsiamtsikas & The Blues Report, at Greek blues scene have long since ensured that the name of their "band" is a recognised “seal" for the most hot blues report in town. Let's talk about blues, Nick...


Interview by Michael Limnios

when was your first desire to become involved in the blues?

Who knows? Long time ago, I don’t remember anymore..


 Is “blues” a way of life?

Bien sure. If you’re one black old men from Tennessee who’s family was working on the chain gang..


How is your relationship with the other Greek blues bands?

Too much competition my friend, too many lies and nailing behind our backs.


Which musician have you ever wanted to be?

My grandfather the violin player Fotis Soukas .


What does Blues offered you?

A lot of depts.


What do you learn about yourself from music?

That I’m in too much trouble.


Why do you play the blues?

 Just for the thick of it.


What was the last record you bought?

“Harp Attack!” with Junior Wells, Carey Bell, James Cotton and Billy Branch


What mistake of Greek blues music you want to correct?   

All of them.


Give one wish for the Greek blues music

I wish it was in heaven sittin down...


What your opinion about

Ι like that thing


How did you get together with your band The Blues Report?

It’s an long, old, sad, tricky and dirty story to tell...


What project you want to work with BB King?

Jamming what else… (The Thrill is Never Gone, King)…


Happiness is……

…say what?

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