International Blues Camp Jasenovac, Croatia 2023 - Miro Dimić (Poprock School) keeps the Blues Alive

"Without music there is no love, without love there is no world. Music is the foundation of survival, music is the foundation of youth development, without it as I said there is no progress and survival. Every dollar invested in music returns tenfold, not only as a material value, but as a cultural, sociological, philosophical one, and in the end we spread only positive energy and emotions through music." ~ Miroslav Miro Dimić

International Blues Camp Jasenovac 2023

Poprock school is a non-profit artistic association that deals with musical performance and educational activities. Founded in 2005, with the main goal of directing young people of the City of Sisak County, and beyond, to the fundamental musical styles of blues & rock. The teachers and mentors of the Poprock school belong to the very top of the Croatian music scene, who pass on their vast knowledge and experience to our students so that tomorrow they too will become their teachers. Best of the best! Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of Sisak Moslavina County. With the beautiful surroundings of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, the historical and cultural treasures of our cities, for the ninth year in a row Poprock School is organizing an International Blues Camp. The international blues camp is unique, not only in Croatia but also in Europe, given the fact that it is held in the heart of the Nature Park. Lonjsko Polje stretches between Sisak and Stara Gradiška, on fifty thousand hectares.

It is the largest wetland habitat, a paradise for birds, wild animals and free grazing horses and cows. It is surrounded by the rivers Sava, Lonja, Česma and Strug. There are several places within the Park. The central and administrative seat of the Nature Park is the Municipality of Jasenovac, where the Blues camp is held. In addition to the wonderful ambience, the uniqueness and top quality of the Blues camp are given by eminent mentors, famous musicians, lecturers from the most prestigious musical educational institutions of this type of music from Croatia and the world. The special charm is the joint performances of mentors and students, which create a magical feeling, combined with top blues and unique Posavina nights. With blues, we definitely push boundaries and barriers, create added value, and combine rhythm, harmony, melody with body and soul. With this approach, we have created a new tourist offer. We combined ecological, rural and economic tourism with the blues.

Educational workshops will be led by expert teams made up of top musicians-artists: prof. Saša Begović Matošković, prof. Boris Hrepić Hrepa, Miro Dimić, prof. Dejan Nikolić, Željko Đeverlija, Tomislav Škrak, Željkop Vrtarić, Ak. sculptor Ivan Ivoš Ići. We will provide the students (camp participants) with the opportunity to master the musical alphabet and get to know and improve their knowledge on the instrument. Camp participants will have a creative sculpting and art workshop in their free time using various techniques, from watercolors to clay sculptures. The plan is to make clay medals on the theme of Posavina (Posavina ships, storks, frogs, horses). At the same time, it will be a permanent souvenir for the students as a memory of the days spent in the camp. Blues concerts called "SAVA-STRUG-DELTA-BLUES" will be held in a wonderful atmosphere every evening during the camp from August 23 to August 27, 2023, on the main square of Jasenovac, which, like all daily workshops, are free and open to the public regardless of age. Top bands in combination with ambient lighting will create a true musical magic that will resonate in Jasenovci and Lonjski polje.

Work plan:

Daily music and sculpture workshops are held in the morning and afternoon.

Wednesday, August 23, arrival and accommodation of camp participants and mentors in Jasenovac (Restaurant Ribič) around 6 pm. Dinner and after that, if desired, a joint concert. Thursday, August 24, breakfast, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. workshops in groups. Lunch, rest with an art workshop. Free tour, Coffee and Patisserie (the best in the region). Workshops, dinner and concert from 17:00 to 19:00. Friday, August 25, breakfast, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. workshops in groups. Lunch, rest with an art workshop. Various occupations. Workshops, dinner and concert from 17:00 to 19:00. Saturday, August 26, breakfast, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. group lessons (preparation for the final concert). Lunch, tour of the Memorial area. Dinner and joint concert of mentors and students. Going home. Every day, apart from the workshops, book and film promotions will be held. Well-known musicians will come to our camp to hang out with the students, and they will certainly play together. Željko Vrtarić (Vinkovac rock scene) will hold a presentation for the tone of the master. Every evening at the mix desk with Željko, you can apply the acquired knowledge in reality, considering that eminent bands come to our camp.


Boris Hrepić Hrepa - Zagreb

Top educator, artist and multi-instrumentalist. Hrepa will introduce all the participants of the camp to the history of blues from the earliest beginnings. In addition, he will hold harmonica and bass guitar workshops.

Prof. Dejan Nikolić – Belgrade, drummer

One of the most versatile and musical drummers in the region. Played and recorded with: Aleksandra Slađana Milošević, Vatreni Poljubac, Alex Chilton, Milić Vukašinović, and many others. Dejan has also proven himself as an excellent educator in the field of drums. The way and methods of his work are set according to world standards. Many of his students are professional musicians today, both in the country and abroad.

Miroslav Miro Dimić Sisak, drummer (Archive: Miro Dimić, 2022 interview)

He works on the education and promotion of young musicians as the artistic director of a pop rock school and an international blues camp, a drum teacher, a member of the cult group "4Towners" - Stara škola. He collaborates and plays with the most famous blues & rock musicians in Croatia. In the places where the poprock school operates, namely: Sisak Kutina, Petrinja, Ivanić-Grad, Čazma and Zagreb.

He is the winner of the "Fender" award, many recognitions and thanks from local and tourist communities for cooperation and work with young people, and promotion of music. In addition to the mentioned places, he holds music workshops throughout the Republic of Croatia throughout the year.

Branko Bogunović Pif, - guitarist

One of the best ex-country guitarists, performed with many bands and recorded over 350 albums as a studio musician. Participants of the camp, guitarists, will have the opportunity to attend a superb presentation by the legendary guitar virtuoso, a demonstration of guitar riffs and solos by el. and acoustic guitars. Pif will try to answer all questions about playing the guitar. After the official part of the presentation, the participants together with Branko will be able to play various rock and blues standards in a free form.

Vedran Žanko

One of the best blues musicians in Europe. He started playing music in elementary school. He lived and worked in Germany for a period of his life. After returning to Croatia, he united and shaped the Croatian blues scene. He performs alone or with his band "Mojo Stuf". He is the author of several singles and albums. He is the winner of the Fender award as one of the best blues guitarists and music educators. He is a longtime associate of the Poprock school, where he works as a guitar teacher. He is an active member of HGU, HDS and Art Orchestra of Croatia.

Željko Đeverlija Gero

Sisak's musical doyen, one of the founders and long-time member of the cult new wave group "Zvijezde" is the author of well-known hits, and lately he has been passing on his knowledge and experience to the younger generations in cooperation with the Poprock School.

Ak. sculptor Ivan Ivoš Ići

Legendary singer of the cult reggae group from the eighties, "Natural Mystics" and one of the leading middle-aged sculptors on the domestic art scene. Ici is best known to the general public for the "Reader" located on Roosevelt Square in Zagreb. It is certain that the participants of the camp will find Ivan Ivoš' presentation and work interesting, as well as his reggae performance with the band.

(Photos: Croatian musician Miroslav (Miro) Dimić is a professional orientations and status give him the opportunity to perform on the most elite terraces and clubs throughout the former state, the Republic of Croatia, Europe and America, as a music promoter of Sisak and the Sisak cultural scene. Today he works on the education and promotion of young musicians as the artistic director of the poprock school and drum teacher in the places where the poprock school operates, namely: Sisak Kutina, Petrinja, Ivanić-Grad, Čazma and Zagreb. / Cover of his new book: Mi Nismo Više KLINCI)      

Participants and visitors of the Blues camp have at their disposal the guesthouse "Restoran Ribič" with local delicacies, vegan or vegetarian if necessary. Sleeping in authentic Posavina rooms decorated in ethnic style. 3 stars, as well as various recreational and educational facilities: Art workshops, film and book promotion, tour of the Nature Park, fishing, swimming, cycling.

  The goals achieved by the implementation of the International Blues Camp

Promotion of Blues & Rock music, Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, Jasenovac Municipality, Sisak Moslavina County and the Republic of Croatia. With this approach, we create added value, we have created a new tourist offer. We combined ecological, rural and economic tourism with the blues. One of the main goals of this project is to profile the blues camp Jasenovac - Lonjsko polje as a center for musical education and socializing of young people from all over Europe and the world. Animation, socializing and training of young musicians. All educational workshops, various programs and accompanying content, practice rooms and necessary instruments will be available to participants 24 hours a day. FREE! If necessary, classes can be held in English and German.

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