Diva who Serves the Song…

Armando’s does it again…they are batting .1000 @ this writing.

The intimate Martinez Ca club booked Blues/R&B singer Tia Carroll w/Greg (IronHand) Richmond on Guitar for Saturday night festivities.

Her sound check was “Fever” the Peggy Lee/Little Willie John “classic” that has been butchered and bludgeoned by less soulful singers who “improve” upon the lyrics by inserting themselves farther into the narrative than good taste permits.

Tia worked the song & brought heat/heart to it while Greg Richmond explored the essential information on his acoustic/electric instrument for a surprisingly full sound.
This remained the essential m.o. that they brought to every tune in an extended set: the Song came first.
The Writers Vision was found sufficient by the Performer.

Ms Carroll possess’ serious vocal “chops” & a warm, round sound that combined with her discipline & good taste make her a Songs Best Friend.

My Babe (Little Walter) Summertime (Gershwin)
Born Under a Bad Sign (Albert King) Wang Dang Doodle, Play that Funky Music (White Boy) (Wild Cherry?) Love the One You’re With, Feelin’ Alright, Who’s making Love to your Ole Lady (Eddie Floyd)
Take you Higher( Boom Shaka Laka Lak)
They were prevented by Club Policy to pursue Mustang Sally!

There was an ad lib lyric that was quite “telling”: “the Blues is more than some words…”

Ms. Carroll has just returned from an Italian Festival engagement. It does my heart good knowing that someone with her humor, character, humanity & considerable vocal chops is “out there” representing the U.S. on the International marketplace.

I went to see her “cold” knowing only that I trust Eloise/Roy (Armando’s) choices in artists.
I am apparently the only person who hadn’t heard of her as she is quite active & has been nominated for several awards & performs w/Hard Work (her band) & a number of aggregations….TiaCarroll.com will get you all the background & performance dates you need.
I am imagining her singing any number of songs that I love: knowing that she will make any songwriter proud. I am also imagining your pleasure when you hear her live singing songs you love & she treats w/care. Pax Douglas Strobel

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