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Richard Carr

Le tout premier album du guitariste de Montreal, Tell Everybody, vient de apparaître sous l'étiquette Iguane Records. Imprégné de blues traditionnel et de gospel depuis son enfance, il s'initia plus tard au jazz et au swing et vécu plusieurs années à Boston avant de rentrer au bercail. Depuis 1996, il est figure incontournable de la scène blues Québécoise. Le 23 Avril dernier Richard Carr reçoit son deuxième Lys Blues

Tell Everybody reçoit deux nominations Lys Blues 2012
Album Blues de l'année - Auteur Compositeur de l'année 
Prix; Lys Blues (Artiste Cabaret) 2006 - Lys Blues (Auteur Compositeur) 2012
Richard Carr
This Montreal guitarist recently released his very first recording Tell Everybody on the Iguane label. Growing up listening to traditional blues and gospel music, Carr later forayed into jazz and swing and lived in Boston for a few years before returning to Montreal. Since 1996, Richard Carr has been a pillar of the Quebec blues scene. 
Tell Everybody received two nominations for the 2012 Lys Blues Awards.
Blues Album of the year - Song writer of the year.
Last April 23rd Carr was honoured with his second Lys Blues Award. (Cabaret artist 2006) (Songwriter of the year 2012) Blues fans from all over the world select their favourite Quebec blues artists in a public vote. 
Album info.
Richard Carr : Promo Video 'Tell Everybody'
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Artist info; Richard Carr or by phone 514-577-8763
Richard Carr; number 2 Reverbnation Blues Charts for May 2012! 
Discover what thousands of blues fans and industry insiders have been saying for years, ''Richard Carr is the real deal!''
Tell Everybody is currently spinning at the following US stations and in 17 countries around the world!
88.1 WVPE Blues Revue NPR, WMWV, KMXT KODIAK, KUNM-FM 89.9, WQLN, 91.3 FM Erie PA, KMEC LP 105.1 FM Willits CA,
KMSW Eugene OR, KTEP 88.5 FM, El Paso TX, WDVX KNOXVILLE TN, WKGL-FM Rockford, IL, WMNF Tampa FL, KAOS Radio Olympia WA, KNCA Reading CA, KTUH Honolulu Hawaii Public Radio.
Number 94 for the month of May ‘’Tell Everybody’’ Richard Carr - Roots Music Report (Canada)
Come out an encourage this award winning artist and his band - LIVE SHOWS!!!
''If you wanna pass a good time, come out and see me live. I wont' disappoint you'' Richard Carr

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