I am saddened by the way that we who have been playing and keeping the blue flame burning are being treated in or own area. Kids that we've encouraged and brought up on stage with us are now grown and forgetting how they got to be where they are today. While I'm glad to see that the blues will live on in them it saddens me that they are ok with forgetting about us. I was helped and encouraged by men like Otis Span who brought me up on stage with him. Hubert Sumlin who sat me down and showed me guitar licks and Muddy and Willie Dixon who just sat and talked to me about the blues. When I play with Pinetop Perkins I am still in awe and thankful that I can share a stage (and some Remi Martin) with him. In the Vancouver area there are a couple of so called blues societies but the shows that they put together always have them. the presidents. as the only locals on the bill. I think if I get the chance I'll move to Paris or somewhere in Europe because I know I will be respected for my talent and passion for the blues.

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