Bouzouki Blues by The Red Skyscrapers from Holland

The Red Skyscraper, play the Blues with Greek bouzouki !!!!!!!! Aad Oosterbaan (Guitar, Bouzouki), Robert Minneboo (Guitar), Paul Langezaal (Melody Bass), Tom Mans (Bass), Ben Schriek (Vocals) & Ton op‘ t Hof (Drums)

The Rotterdam-based Red Skyscrapers founded their band when group members (were only 15 years old in late 1960. Their mothers made some very nice red stage wear for them and the boys started practicing every day, even forgetting homework, a fact which their parents weren’t exactly happy with. After this was sorted out in a good way, the contracts came in and the boys played a lot, also doing Talent Contests which they won a couple of time.

The Red Skyscraper hebben 50 jaar na hun eerste optreden een nieuw nummer opgenomen in de studio van drummer Ton op't Hof. Omdat sologitarist Aad Oosterbaan inmiddels verliefd is geworden op de bouzouki is het nieuwe nummer een ode geworden aan dat instrument.
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