Rembetika music is the music of the Greek Underground. It originated in the hashish dens of Pireaus and Thessaloniki around the turn of the 20th century and was influenced by oriental elements that came with the forced immigration of 2 million Greek refugees from Asia Minor. It gave way to Greek Popular Music ('Laika' in Greek) which used the same instruments in similar ways during the early 1950s. This page will give you a brief introduction to Rembetika music and hopefully inspire you to explore more deeply into it. If you are hearing music as you read this then you are in luck. This means you can click on the links to songs and hear them as well. The songs I have chosen are my favorites, some old rembetika, some new rembetika and some laika which is what rembetika metamorphosed into with influences from all other types of Greek music. I have used mostly later recordings of the songs because the sound quality is better and they are more likely to get you to go out and start your collection. If you have a high-speed connection you should be able to get these songs loaded pretty quickly. If you are on a dial-up don't bother. Just read the text.
(Video From "Mousika Taxidia" TV Show)

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