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Q&A with classically-trained guitarist, singer and songwriter Michael Bloom - the poetic voices of the Blues

"Socio-cultural really incudes both the racial and the political, as well as the personal and broader cultural environment. In that context, I think the blues, with its message of triumph over adversity, has universal appeal that can speak to and voice the hopes and dreams, the losses and struggles, the love, the success that comes from not giving up, of anyone who will listen and submit to the power of the blues."…


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Q&A with Aussie-based McNaMarr Project - combine the powerhouse voices of multi-award winning blues artists

"Probably a bit of both, there a certain thing you can play or sing to make it sit within the blues 'genre' but without the 'state of mind' it's probably not going to translate to the listener with any authenticity. Same with any Soul music. The most important thing is to make the listener believe what you're singing."

McNaMarr Project (John McNamara & Andrea…


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Q&A with Nashville-based veteran musician Rob Robinson, has created the blues-soul outfit HeavyDrunk

"Southern music is the music of the world. Blues, Soul, Jazz, Country, Zydeco, Rock & Roll, R & B. Improvisational music of any kind. We owe it all to the Mississippi River."

Rob Robinson: Southern Holywater

HeavyDrunk is headed up by Rob Robinson, a veteran songwriter, musician and artist who has created the smoking nine piece…


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Interview with Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead) - opened up awareness of many kinds of artistic expression

"Boundaries are for the media reporters, not for the participants. There’s a tradeoff between perspective and objectivity. When you’re in the game, the game is invisible to you."

Tom Constanten:

Awareness of Artistic Expression

Phil Lesh was standing in line at Cal Berkeley's music…


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Earwig owner Michael Robert Frank talks about his project “Cadillac Baby’s Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection”

"Blues music origins and the concept of a 'Bluesman" or "Blueswoman" originated within the folk tradition within local communities with a shared cultural, historical social, economic and political experience."

Cadillac Baby’s Bea & Baby Records:

Music, Wisdom & Life Experience…


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Q&A with Tampa-based Alex Lopez, an acclaimed musical artist quickly taking the blues/rock scene by storm

"I think blues brings people of all backgrounds together as everyone can relate and honestly, I believe that it's a very open accepting genre. I've seen where other traditionally rooted African-American music has remained in the black community where as in blues it's become a wonderful blend of all people."

Alex Lopez: Alter Blues/Rock Mixology…


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Chicago-born bluesman Vince Agwada talks about Lefty Dizz, Muddy, Wolf, Koko, and the blues of West Africa

"Music is truly the universal language recognizing no language, social, racial, ethnic, class or political boundaries. Music is or at least can be a powerful force for healing and uniting people."

Vince Agwada: The Blues Bloodline

Vince Agwada, ace guitarist, composer, producer, and recording artist got his start in music at the world-renown Blues…


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Interview with Cincinnati based Dudley Taft - a tour de force artist - brings raucous and righteous Rock n' Blues

"Well, blues along with jazz was invented by African Americans, so in a way, it has done good things for black people in the US. This music brings whites and blacks together. That was especially important in the 1950’s and 60’s here. But now blues inhabits a very small community and has little social implications."

Dudley Taft: Simple (Rock n' Blues) Life…


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Veteran drummer & producer Twist Turner talks about the legends of Chicago Blues and the Battle of the Blues

"Blues is real, that’s why it’s always with us.  One wish? I wish that they never ever use drum machines on blues records like they are doing on Southen Soul records now."

Twist Turner: The Blues Creator

During the course of his 54-year musical career songwriter, producer and drummer Twist Turner has worked with over 40 Grammy Award…


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Legendary drummer Harold Brown talks about WAR, Hendrix, New Orleans, Turbulent 1960's & Devil's music

"I learned from the early Pioneers of the Devil's Music, I had to be True to Myself and Others. They know when you are Faking It!"

Harold Brown: The Beat of Spirit

Harold Ray Brown was born (1946) in Long Beach, California is a founding member of War, an American funk band in the 1970s and 2000s. Harold had a number of roles over the years, acting…


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East coast-based acclaimed guitarist Paul Gabriel talks about B.B. King, Duke Robillard and the Blues roads

"Blues comes from inside you – and it has to have feeling, not just the right notes. Real blues comes from inside the individual, not out of a book."

Paul Gabriel: Man Of Many Blues

Paul Gabriel is a Blues Music Award-nominated guitarist, singer and songwriter. In March, 2018, Gabriel was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the…


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Q&A with Minnesota based Mark Cameron - continues his mission to hone his skills as a blues storyteller

"The blues is about conflict, often times conflict that ultimately goes unresolved. I love the idea of seeing trouble as fuel: fuel for your soul, for expression and for action. The Blues is a motivating force if you let it act on you in a good way."

Mark Cameron: Let The Good Times Roll

Minnesota based singer, songwriter and guitarist Mark…


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Q&A with Chicago veteran guitarist Jeff Dale - unique sound having learned and played with the blues masters

"As long as people feel the range of emotions from joy to sadness, grief to elation, blues will remain timeless."

Jeff Dale: Blues Spirit & Blues Power

Jeff Dale is an award winning songwriter and performer, born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Having played all over the United States, he now reaches international audiences with shows…


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Q&A with Blues Music Award Winner Billy Price - new album 'Dog Eat Dog', will be released on Gulf Coast Records in August, 2019

"African-American music, including blues, soul, jazz, and gospel, may be the greatest artistic achievement of American culture. Its influence has spread throughout the world, and continues to do so. It is hard to quantify or speculate on the ways in which this music has affected race relations, politics, and societies."

Billy Price: The Voice of The Soul…


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Q&A with legendary guitarist Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown - their fortieth album titled “City Night” on Quarto Valley Records

"Blues is a music form that enables to express my feelings and express my deepest emotions."

Kim Simmonds: (Rock) City (Blues) Night

Savoy Brown was formed by guitarist Kim Simmonds in 1965 in London, England. Savoy Brown fans might be the luckiest fans in the world. No other blues rock act alive today has delivered so much excellent music for so…


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Interview with photographer/writer Linda Wolf - founder of several nonprofit organizations to benefit youth

"The most important thing that I have learned from my world travels is that no matter our differences there is more that bonds us to our common humanity than separates us."

Linda Wolf: A Humanistic Photographer

Linda Wolf is an American-born photographer and writer, and founder of several nonprofit organizations to benefit youth. …


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Q&A with Detroit born renegade frontwoman Eliza Neals - the voice of the ‘new blues’ for this generation

"I think it (Soul, Blues & Rock music) continues forward because it speaks to the hearts and souls of people it's a mixture of the classics and it’s not perfect imperfections are perfection!"

Eliza Neals: Detroit Blues & Rock Diva

Eliza Neals is a dynamic front woman, multi-talented musician, confident producer and outstanding live…


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Interview with Israeli Blues artist Dov Hammer, embody the spirit of the Blues with intense and passionate

"The Blues is a language, a means of expression. It's a way to tell your story, to unload all the troubles that are on your mind, the frustrations, anger and happiness."

Dov Hammer: Dr. Harpman plays the Blues

Singer, harmonica player, songwriter and band leader, Dov Hammer has been a major force on the Blues scene in Israel for over 20 years,…


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Q&A with bluesman Zac Harmon, an ambassador of this great American classical music art form called the Blues

"The Blues is pure emotion. As long as people have souls, they will feel the"

Zac Harmon: Keeping The Blues Alive

Zac Harmon is an award-winning guitarist, singer, and songwriter whose distinctive style continues the lineage of American Blues Music. Born and raised in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, Zac Harmon is a…


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Q&A with veteran Blues legend Joe Louis Walker - released a brand-new CD/DVD "Viva Las Vegas Live"

"I miss the older blues guys company. I hope live music is still being played. I fear live music won't be played!"

Joe Louis Walker: Viva Blues World

On May 10th, 2019, Cleopatra Entertainment - in association with Cleopatra Blues - released a brand-new concert film Viva Las Vegas Live from Grammy Award-nominated Blues legend Joe Louis…


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