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Rev. Shawn Amos tells The blues - and the best rock & roll - burns right through your heart into your soul

"The blues connects me completely to my past, helps me understand my present, and tells me my future."

Reverend Shawn Amos: Further Blues 

Shawn Ellis Amos is an American songwriter, singer, record producer, web personality and founder and CEO of Freshwire, a digital content creation company. Prior to founding Freshwire, Amos was an A&R…


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Q&A with next generation Chicago blues artist Michael Damani, brings the infamous style of west-side soul and blues to the forefront of a new breed

"A lot of people think of Blues as sad music, and perhaps even disgraceful to black people as an art form. Nothing could be further from the truth. The blues is soul power and the blues is truth. Many times, people tell me that although they are not blues fans, that my performance touched them. I hope that every musician or performer who has a passion for the blues can experience what I have explained. There's nothing more eye opening than experiencing the…


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Q&A with British musician Dave Kelly (The Blues Band), acknowledged as being amongst the very finest purveyors of rhythm & blues

"Take nothing for granted. No use crying over spilt milk...."

Dave Kelly: The Music of Feeling

The individual members of The Blues Band were already held in admiration by generations of rhythm & blues fans when they formed back in 1979. Almost two and a half decades and over 16 albums later they continue to add to their growing army of…


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Interview with pianist/composer Anthony Geraci, a musician with experience beside blues & jazz legends

"Blues is honest music and people the world over desire honesty in their lives and the music they listen to."

Anthony Geraci: Daydreams with the Muse

Anthony has been featured on over 50 recordings with some of the biggest names in blues music. He has recorded with blues pioneers: Big Walter Horton,…


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Q&A with Mark Wenner (The Nighthawks) - mission of recreating rock ’n’ roll from the ever-exciting roots of American Music

"Rock and Roll and the popularity of real African American music really did help change America (and other counties too). When Duck Dunn and Steve Cropper and Al Jackson and Booker T worked together at Stax, it proved that there could be joy and harmony. Still not enough to stop all the hate and fear but it did shake the walls."

Mark Wenner: The Nighthawks On The Road…


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Q&A with southern California-based Jim Gustin and Truth Jones, share some of the wisdom they have gained on the journey.

"Music and all art reflect the culture. It is my hope that our music makes people feel like they are not alone, that others have experienced the same challenges that they have faced and are facing and overcame them. We want to be encouraging and provide some hope for people and at the least provide a distraction from life's struggles for a couple hours."

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones: Heart and…


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