George and the Dukes

George and the Dukes is an electric blues band based in Athens, Greece. Performance is a result of the feeling and power of real blues. Formed in the mid 90’s as an experimental blues quartet, the band was an immediate success since the personal skills of each musician, the authentic blues sound and the matching vocals were easily identifiable and felt. Nowadays, this real band delivers authentic Chicago blues as well as blues rock with jazz-funk elements. Influencing artists include B.B.King, Albert King, Freddie King, Albert Collins, Otis Rush, Jimmy Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Benson and Ronnie Earl. During his England years, George also got together with black community musicians and friends, with whom jamming and blues, dub & funk music sharing was often the natural outcome of a hard days work. Performing with other respected local and international artists / musicians, including considerable live performances, combined with the vocalist’s bluesy voice, intense and heavy guitar soloing, dominant low frequencies of the bassist, the drummers dexterity and the band’s commitment to the blues with a feeling concept, the result is evident. The band’s friends would conclude this description by their usual comment : “every song sounds like its been heard for the first time”.

George Hadjopoulos : Vocals , quitar

Dimitrios Metaxas      : Bass

Giannis Christopoulos : Drums

  • Anke Waanders

     Hey George! 

    Where the fuck, sorry for the strong language, but when the fuck are you guys playing a gig again????