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    SMALL BLUES TRAP Paul Karapiperis /vocals, harmonica, resonator guitar Panagiotis Daras /electric guitar Lefteris Besios /electric bass RECORDINGS-PARTICIPATION...The Small Blues Trap band was formed in August 2004 by the need of three people to express their musical interests. They are based at t…

  • ALTRIBE band

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    Altribe is a four-member group. Their music has a lot of blues, pop and psychedelic elements, as well as lyrics that describe the state of the big city’s modern man. The composer Fiona Lambrides on vocals and the acoustic guitar, a voice that is related to the warm, doric, black voices of the blues…

  • The Tubescreamers Band

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    The Blues Bone is one of the main groups representing the blues scene in Greece. From their very first appearances, the public turned passionate and enthusiastic. Currently in addition to upcoming shows in Kozani, Arta and Iwannina they are preparing their first full album to be released soon. The…

  • Nick Tsiamtsikas Blues Band

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    Nick Tsiamtsikas vocals guitar,Vagelis Maglaras guitar, Dimitris Malis bass, Nontas Ninos Drums

  • Blues Cargo

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                      BLUES CARGO               BLUES CARGO is an electric Blues Band that was formed back in 1987 in Athens by DIMITRIS IOANNOU (bass guitar, vocals), STELIOS ZAFIRIOU (Guitar), STELIOS GAVRILIDES (Drums) and STELIOS ZOUZOULAS (Guitar).            The Band has been playing regularly fo…

  • George and the Dukes

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    George and the Dukes is an electric blues band based in Athens, Greece. Performance is a result of the feeling and power of real blues. Formed in the mid 90’s as an experimental blues quartet, the band was an immediate success since the personal skills of each musician, the authentic blues sound an…


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    Η εταιρεία δραστηριοποιείται στην κατασκευή και επισκευή μουσικών εγχόρδων οργάνων από το 1968 στα Ιωάννινα.

  • Southernrock.gr

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    Μουσικό site SouthernRock.gr Ένα μουσικό site με ποικίλη ύλη για το Southern rock, blues, hard rock αλλά και την ελληνική rock σκηνή είναι στο διαδύκτιο.

  • Live Blues World

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    This group is maintained strictly in English and is here to allow exchange of views and experiences with members of the international blues community and especialy with members of LiveBluesWorld.com.

  • A Touch Of Blue

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    Η αγάπη για την blues μουσική έφερε κοντά τους Ίσιδα, Γιώργο, Μπάμπη και Θανάση, και αποτέλεσε τον συνδετικό κρίκο για την δημιουργία των 'A Touch of Blue'! Η μπάντα παρουσιάζει covers από classic blues κομμάτια και οι Muddy Waters,Albert King,Howlin' Wolf,Freddie King,Luther Allison,BB King και Al…

  • Daddy's Work Blues Band

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    Daddy’s Work Blues Band Οι Daddy's Work Blues Band είναι μια blues- rock μπάντα   με αρκετές εμφανίσεις σε μουσικές σκηνές της Αθήνας και της επαρχίας. Το   δυνατό   σημείο αυτής της μπάντας, είναι ο προσωπικός της χαρακτήρας που οφείλεται στη μεταξύ μας σχέση. Είμαστε   φίλοι   από παιδιά, εμπλεκό…

  • bluesticking

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    Here's The Place For All The Blues (Not Only)Drummers.Let's Get Shuffle.

  • SouthWestGR Blues

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    Για ότι συμβαίνει ή για ότι θα θέλαμε να συμβαίνει στις Νοτιοδυτικές Όχθες και τριγύρω, σχετικά. (x- PatraBlues)


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