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Q&A with Norway-born guitarist Kid Andersen, one of the best blues musician todays and owner of Greaseland studio

"Blues is a musical language. It’s one that I fell in love with as a young man, and it has defined my life ever since then. Almost every human being in my life is there because of the path my love for blues music led me down."

Kid Andersen: Blues Spirits, Norway Soul

Chris “Kid” Andersen was born in Telemark, Norway in 1980. A blues fan since…


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Q&A with artist manager, Jeff DeLia of 72 Music Management, his artists consistently impacting the music landscape in multiple genres

"I believe if we work hard, do so with passion, integrity, and respect, keep an open door for dialog and constructive feedback, and think outside-the-box we have a recipe for success. The philosophy is treating others well, inspire growth, and ultimately lead the artists’ performances and songs to millions and millions of fans around the world each year."

Jeff DeLia:…


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Q&A with harmonica master Chris O'Leary, ranks among the blues and roots world’s most talented unsung heroes

"My hope is that younger generations will fall in love with this music much like I did ... My fear is that they’re not being exposed to Americana is big amongst younger audiences in my opinion Blues should be a bigger part of that. When you talk about American Music Blues is woven into, and provides the bedrock for everything Rock country R&B jazz etc. so if you’re talking Americana. What’s more American than Blues."…


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Q&A with versatile guitarist /vocalist Levan Lomidze of The Blues Cousins, one of the Best Blues Band in Russia

I believe that soul always plays main role on the blues scene. Technique is very important as a method of expression thou. I think that the blues is not just another style of music. It’s something more, wider and stronger, with ability to unite people and survive through the years."

Levan Lomidze: The Man And His Blues



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Q&A with Soul/R&B/Gospel singer Marcel Smith, a deep musical talent, his voice is seductive and alluring

"The impact of soul music on socio-cultural implications has been profound, contributing to the advancement of civil rights, cultural expression, musical innovation, and global cultural exchange. My hope is for Soul music to continue being a powerful force in shaping society and influencing cultural attitudes and movements."

Marcel Smith: Soul From My Soul…


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Q&A with multitalented Dutch artist René van Commenée, creating music, (sound) art objects, theatrical performances, and pyro technical spectacles

"Art, whether it’s music, visual, dance, film; any form is important in our lives. Early humans made art already; look at the wall paintings found in caves, or the flutes that were found. I don’t think we can survive without art. There are many people who think they can, a subject more and more heard in society now rightwing politics are becoming stronger and stronger. They think it is a hobby and there should be no more funding from society…


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Q&A with legendary musician/visual artist Lee Oskar, world-renowned for his iconic role as a pioneer of funk/jazz music

"I hope that any art form speaks for itself. With music, because it’s such a universal language that touches and moves people all over the world, for all the ages of time, I hope that people can experience the music purely. I know that music can open people’s eyes and open people’s hearts to all kinds of racial and socio-cultural implications and realizations, so I would hope for the best in humanity in this way."…


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Q&A with veteran British Blues powerful guitarist Mick Clarke, part of the British blues boom of the late 1960s

"The balance between technique and soul? That's easy really - you have to have the technique in order to express the soul. First learn to play your instrument. Then forget how to play it and just let your soul come through. Easy to say - hard to do. I manage it occasionally."

Mick Clarke: The Man And His Blues

British Blues guitarist Mick…


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Rest In Paradise, Johnny Winter -- friends and collaborators remember moments from the late bluesman

John Dawson Winter III (February 23, 1944 – July 16, 2014)

Rest in Paradise…


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Elias Zaikos of Blues Wire talks about Blues Gang, Sotiris Zisis, Champion Jack Dupree & his experience from European festivals

"We're all under the same sky, fighting hard...brothers."

Blues Wire: Greek Blues Brothers

According to everybody who has ever…


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An Interview with Greek Blues Guru Dimitris Epikouris: Blame It All on The Blues

Sitting in "The Garden” of Blues

Dimitris Epikouris is the author of the books “Blame It All on The Blues” & “Fifteen Raindrops In An Ocean of Blues Tales” and for more than two decades, has been quietly accumulating a collection of rare guitars.…


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Blues Cargo at We7

I just discovered Blues Cargo are listed on We7. Any other Greek Bands out there? I will keep looking and let you know. Would be nice to find more and more Greek Blues Bands in music streaming services like We7 and Spotify. If these sound all too strange for you just ask me for basic guidance.

Here is Blues Cargo's Delayed Delivery on We7:

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Small change in Latest Activiy

To prevent automatic spreading of spam entries from our Latest Activity feed to Facebook and Twitter, I decided to temporarily disable comment announcements in the Latest Activity stream until we figure out a way of filtering potential unwanted entries in other ways.

Although we had not so many spam attacks so far in Blues.Gr, spam always follows large groups of people and we are going to have to deal with this anyway. The policy is simple: Spammers are instantly banned from Blues.Gr… Continue

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How Blues.Gr is linked to Facebook.

Blues.Gr, as many of you already know, maintains a Facebook Page.

Our Facebook Page is used to keep people on Facebook updated with whatever happens on Blues.Gr.

To do that we use a little Facebook Application I recently wrote (RSS Graffiti) which monitors activities on Blues.Gr and publishes them as News… Continue

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Wes Jeans Interview

Μετά το θάνατο του μεγάλου Stevie Ray Vaughan πολλοί προσπάθησαν να διεκδικήσουν τον τίτλο του little Stevie. Αυτή τη στιγμή κατά τη γνώμη μου, και κατά τη γνώμη πολλών άλλων, ένας από τους ποιο ικανούς για να διεκδικήσει τον τίτλο αυτό είναι

το παιδί θαύμα όπως τον αποκαλούν στην Αμερική,o τεξανός Wes Jeans. Βαρύ

αυθεντικό Texas tone και τεχνική που σπάει κοκάλα.

Έχει συνεργαστεί με πολλούς ογκολίθους του Blues (B.B King - Eric Clapton -…


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Lance Lopez Interview

Πρόσφατα είχα τη τιμή να πάρω μια συνέντευξη από τον τεξανό κιθαρίστα Lance Lopez.

Ο Lopez είναι για όσους δεν τον ξέρουν είναι ένας καταπληκτικός μουσικός και βιρτουόζος κιθαρίστας της blues-rock. Ο "άνθρωπος ορχήστρα". Στον τελευταίο του δίσκο higher ground παίζει όλα τα όργανα μόνος του και επίσης έχει κάνει και την παραγωγή.

Απολαύστε τον.

[Bill Marcos]…

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Συναυλία Johnny Winter

Συναυλία Johnny Winter και "Down & Out"

Περιμέναμε με ανυπομονυσία την 17 Μαίου, και το ραντεβού μας ήταν στο Gagarin όπου θα εμφανιζόταν Johnny Winter(για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα) και οι "Down & Out".Οι πόρτες του Gagarin είναι ακόμα κλειστές.

O κόσμος έχει κάνει μια σημαντική «ουρά» και οι πόρτες ανοίγουν τελικά στις 8:40.Ο προσέλευση του κόσμου μεγαλώνει και η διάθεση γίνεται καλύτερη, βοηθώντας σε αυτό και κάποιες μπύρες.

Το σκηνικό όπως… Continue

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Blues Festival Videos

Σήμερα ανέβασαν οι φίλοι Texas Brothers 4 videos από τα κομμάτια που έπαιξαν στο Blues Festival 2008 καθώς κι εγώ ένα ακόμη video που μου έστειλε ο Tony Dollar. Έχουμε (έστω και ένα μήνα μετά) τα πτώτα videos από το Blues Festival κι ελπίζω όσοι φίλοι έχουν κι άλλο παρόμοιο υλικό να το μοιραστούν μαζί μας.

Έχω βάλει μια λίστα με τα όλα videos που έχουν ως tag το "Blues… Continue

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Blues on Flickr

Δείτε στο Rambling αυτή τη νέα σελίδα που μόλις πρόσθεσα με φωτογραφίες σχετικές με το Blues από όλο τον κόσμο.

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Feedback tab

Θα παρατηρήσετε στο δεξί μέρος κάθε σελίδας ότι υπάρχει πλέον ένα feedback tab. Αν κάνετε click εκεί θα οδηγηθείτε σε ένα νέο εργαλείο του blues.gr το οποίο φτιάχτηκε για να συγκεντρώνει (με τρόπο συμμετοχικό και κατά το δυνατόν οργανωμένο), τις προτάσεις σας για βελτίωση του site.

Βασίζεται σε μια καινούργια υπηρεσία στο Internet που λέγεται UserVoice και βρίσκεται προς το παρόν σε beta έκδοση. Τα accounts σας δεν ισχύουν εκεί οπότε αν θέλετε να ψηφίσετε υπερ μιας ιδέας θα χρειαστεί… Continue

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