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Q&A with Blues & Rock guitarist Saverio Maccne, one-of-a-kind strong rooty sound, that combines raw liberty and dynamic power

"I believe that for people who love Blues Rock, life has a more pleasant and real flavor. Since this particular genre is created by analog instruments like guitars, drums, harmonicas, keyboards, etc, therefore it remains something real and authentic. I always want people to have a beautiful moment during and after my show so that they can leave the daily routine for a moment to feed on music and really enjoy themselves."…


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Q&A with fingerpickin' storyteller Steve Howell - old blues, jazz & folk tunes with authenticity and new approach

"I guess that I regret seeing blues get removed from the regional life experiences that created it. I fear that it is and will continue to be more homogenized."

Steve Howell: Jazz Vehicle, Blues Wheels

When Steve Howell first heard Mississippi John Hurt's happy style of fingerpicking country blues in 1965 at the age of thirteen, he…


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Q&A with legendary Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin, his music experiences delivers the original spirit of Blues

"I’ve learned the hard way not to self-righteously fight against every small thing I don’t like. More “go with the flow” if I can. And sometimes it’s better to be kind than to be honest. I try to choose my battles more now than I did 30 years ago."

Bob Margolin: Blessings and Blues

Bob Margolin is a Steady Rollin’ Blues guitar player…


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Q&A with Brandon Hudspeth of Levee Town, Kansas City-based new blues with roots that run wide and deep

"I believe that kindness and respect are so important no matter what field you are in. The music business is cutthroat for sure and I've seen it turn very kind, loving folks into bitter and angry people. On the flip side of that there is so much joy to be able to do what I love for a living and to hopefully be able make people forget their problems for at least just a moment. I've learned to remind myself of that when I get frustrated with the…


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Q&A with multitalented musician/singer Lauren Glick soulful style and heartfelt lyrics you won’t want to miss out

"I always strive for peace and love and all living as one. Also, empowerment. I try to write music that has the ability to take you out of the funk (the bad kind of funk!) and regain your power. One of the songs I released last year is called "Free," it's about women’s freedom, in a sense. It's the freedom from being done raising their kids, and now it's their time to shine and maybe take their journey!!"…


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Q&A with Toronto-based Chris Antonik, a blues-rock guitarist, singer/song writer, who pays deep respect to blues tradition

​"I think this music is timeless, and people will always love it, however, I think the reason blues has been able to generate renewed interest in recent years, is because newer artists are mixing blues with other genres, like rock, soul, pop, even hip hop."

Chris Antonik: Morningstar Blues

Since his nomination for Best New Artist at…


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Q&A with Canada-based Spencer Mackenzie, got the blues power in his soul, his youthful hope with an eye toward the future

"Blues Music is all around us and has been for a very long time. Blues has been and still is the foundation for many art forms, not just music. Whether it be: Music, Film, Literature, Social Media, Story Telling, etc... People expressing their views and experiences with blues is a powerful way to reach an audience."

Spencer Mackenzie: Preach To My Soul…


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Florida-based Blues/Soul singer Kat Riggins talks about the late great Dr. Maya Angelou, music and her new album

"I find that in my case, the key to a life well lived is knowing what brings me joy and allowing that for myself. It's living according to what I KNOW my purpose is. It's loving out loud. It's understanding that every breath I take is a blessing… every moment, a gift. The ultimate key to a “life well lived" is to be grateful for it ALL!"

Kat Riggins: The Sound of Spiritual…


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Q&A with drummer Tony Braunagel of Phantom Blues Band, a band with rich and successful musical experiences

"I would only hope for a renaissance of music made by real artists with a new following that would appreciate and fully support the real artistry. I will continue to make music for this purpose."

Phantom Blues Band: Blues Breakfast

For all his considerable musical talents, Taj Mahal has always been shrewd. And smart. In the early 1990s he knew…


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Q&A with poet and author Catfish McDaris, his most infamous chapbook is Prying with Jack Micheline and Charles Bukowski

"I think music has a greater impact than poetry because you cannot dance to a poem, I have tried. Not that many people care about or read poetry, which is why the small press exists. With the Internet anyone can start a magazine, digital or Print On Demand. Music puts a couple together in a romantic embrace. At poetry readings, most people just want to read their shit and hit the road. Someday maybe things will get better."…


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Q&A with Canadian musician Jim "Dan Dee" Stefanuk, an indelible mark on blues in North America and beyond.

"Just to keep learning. It is absolutely incredible how you can play and write in a particular style, and there is always still so much to learn. It is never-ending. That is the gift to the performer, its a type of fuel. If you are open to it, there's always something new and interesting to try and get better at."

Jim "Dan Dee" Stefanuk: Real Blues…


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