The winners of Awards in the 2011 British Blues Awards were announced on Sunday 11th September 2011 at the the Newark Blues Festival. Winners and runners up are below.  Sincere congratulations to all from Blues In The South. Similar thanks and congratulations go to the Nottingham Blues Society who organise and manage the whole thing.

The Blues In The South Male Vocalist:  – 1st Ian Siegal, 2nd Oli Brown, 3rd Marcus Bonfanti

Female Vocal – 1st Joanne Shaw Taylor, 2nd Sandi Thom, 3rd Connie Lush

Band – 1st Oli Brown Band, 2nd Ian Siegal Band, 3rd Matt Schofield Band

Guitar – 1st Matt Schofield, 2nd Robin Trower, 3rd Oli Brown

Harmonica – 1st Paul Jones, 2nd Giles King, 3rd Paul Lamb

Keyboard – 1st Jonny Henderson, 2nd Paddy Milner 3rd Bennett Holland

Bass – 1st Andy Graham, 2nd Fergie Fulton, 3rd Silas Maitland

Drums – 1st Wayne Proctor, 2nd Alan Taylor, 3rd Paul Hamilton

Instrument Other – 1st Son Henry, 2nd Patsy Gamble, 3rd Kyla Brox

Young Artist – 1st Chantel McGregor, 2nd Oli Brown, 3rd Ben Poole

Blues Festival – 1st Colne, 2nd Blues On The Farm, 3rd Maryport

Overseas Artist – 1st Joe Bonamassa, 2nd Walter Trout, 3rd Buddy Whittington





Album -
1st Heads I Win Tails You Lose - Oli Brown
2nd Merchants and Thieves - Sandi Thom
3rd Porchlight - Todd Sharpville

Kevin Thorpe Songwriter Award –
1st Same As It Never Was - Joanne Shaw Taylor
2nd Lousy Husband - Todd Sharpville
3rd Everything I Want – Ben Poole

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