Melodic Revolution Records is finally joining the digital revolution. Now we will be able to offer better service to our valued customers. We have decided to add this feature to many of our titles as we seem to be in an age where more and more people are downloading their favorite music vs. purchasing the hard copy CD. You will now be able to purchase individual tracks as well the entire album.

This will not happen overnight as it will take time to implement and upload this music that said we will notify you as we have new titles up. Do not fear we will continue stocking selling and promoting CDs and Vinyl for those of us that are pure audiophile nuts and must own everything that a band has to offer in every format.

Our first Digital Release is now available Rick Andrews Self tiled Release. Recommended if you like Joe Satriani, Steve Via, & George Bellas This is a real gem.

You may purchase Digital Downloads as an individual track or as a full album in FLAC or OGG formats. To preview and purchase digital downloads click on Enter Here

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