Interview with Carolyn Gaines, was born into the blues as the daughter of the great guitarist-singer Roy Gaines

"Maybe, One day a change will appear out of the Sky for all the women who sings the Blues."

Carolyn Gaines: The Blues Singer

Carolyn Gaines was born into the blues as the daughter of the great guitarist-singer Roy Gaines who was superstar Diana Ross and Billie Holiday’s guitarist. In addition, her uncle is saxophonist Grady Gaines, who worked with many top names including Diana Ross & The Supremes, Gladys Knight, Little Richard and Sam Cooke. Throughout much of her life, Carolyn Gaines has been a significant part of the blues world. She has taught countless number of children about the blues in her Blues Schools programs, written many articles about the blues greats, interviewed B.B. King, Guitar Shorty, Eric Johnson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Cyril Neville, Buddy Guy’s guitarist Ric Hall, Sonny Landreth, Robert Cray, her uncle Grady Gaines, and her father Roy Gaines.

She has produced performances, worked on publicity and radio promotion, dealt with labels and festivals, and been a spokesperson for the ‘Blues’ music on many levels. Now after many experiences, she is emerging as an important new blues singer. As a youth, Ms. Gaines sang at some of her father’s club dates along with her brother and sister. However, singing eventually took a back seat to her work in the blues business. After majoring in theatre arts in college, she managed her father’s career starting in the early 1990s. She booked Roy Gaines at blues festivals and clubs, traveling around the world. She hosted, created and produced blues cable television about Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Ike Turner, Roy Gaines, The Jackson 5, Diana Ross and she would always play Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Roy Gaines, and Shemekia Copeland’s music on her radio shows. With the release of her debut album, "Beware Of My Dog" (2018), Carolyn Gaines has revealed herself to be a blues singer of purpose.

Interview by Michael Limnios

How do you describe your songbook and sound? What characterize "Beware Of My Dog" album's philosophy?

First, I would like to say much appreciation two years ago Dr. Carolyn Gaines, Blues Teacher, Blues Author, and blues singer Carolyn Gaines was interviewed in the Magazine!

Superstar vocalist R&B Peabo Bryson asked Quincy Jones in my presence backstage at the Greek Theatre years ago: Mr. Jones, ''What do you think about Rap Music?"

Quincy Jones replied, ''Rap is here to stay.''

I must state: African American women and men are being continuously left behind in 21st Century due to very little participation of none Concerts Touring or Recording in the studios. Then Look out: Blues is not here to stay. Blues a known Blues Treasure about to disappear shortly; for instance, Blues will be gone soon African American's will not be singing the Blues.

Now, Let’s Chat: With legendary guitarist jazz, rockabilly, blues-singer Roy Gaines's daughter and niece of legendary saxophonist Grady Gaines's (my uncle). Carolyn Gaines' song book is from the Sam Cooke, Buddy Guy, Bobby Blue Bland, Lead Belly, Billie Holiday, and Diana Ross. 1937 Blues sound of guitarist-singer Blind Boy Fuller whom was an amazing historian for his representation of country blues and raw-blues of his time period 1937. Blind Boy Fuller's wardrobe was very chic and tasteful. The 1930’s& 40’s Blind Boy Fuller's blues sound was just like Carolyn’s very different stood out a great deal. People related to Blind Boy Fuller’s blues sound a massive gift from God.

Many Folks & my Family members couldn’t relate to my God given raw, deep real blues talents. Carolyn’s blues country-traditional, raw blues, related to such giants like Lead Belly, Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, Little Ester, Etta James, Koko Taylor even down to young 1960's Superstars Jimmy Reed, Howl ‘in Wolf, Light’ in Hawkins, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Bobby Blue Bland, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, David Jr. Kimbrough, Roy Gaines, and Tina Turner. Meaning these Blues Giants sounds were very deep, real-pencil, dissimilar colorful odds of success. From 1900’s, into 2012 Muddy Waters,Bobby Bland, KoKo Taylor, Etta James, B.B. King, and Roy Gaines these entertainers created back then and now in the history of our Blues today not in cotton field.

Now Blues singer Carolyn Gaines is out of the Closet for the asset of the Blues!  One day Rounder Records, Alligator, Atlantic, Columbia a major record company could possibly decide to sign her with their world-wide Label, distribution to provide me with massive promotion similar to Etta James & Buddy Guy!

My sound is back from the 1880's, 1900's, 50's, 60's an unique experience mixture of Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, Lead Belly, Blind Boy Fuller, Bobby Blue Bland, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and of course my father Roy Gaines. Carolyn Gaines’s sound is 300 years ago that screws up some people's listening blues music skills today!

My cousin Grady Gaines Jr. stated,'' Superstar classical Flute player Hubert Laws'. Mom Laws is 90 years old said, “Carolyn's blues sound is unlike anyone today in the Blues Market.''

'Beware of My Dog' is a characterization big cup of the Big Mama Thornton's blues electric blues time period along with Buddy Guy rolled out his colorful raw sound of electric blues on the 1953 'Hound Dog' YouTube video (what an amazing guitarist Mr. Guy gave to the universe just like my father guitarist-Roy Gaines and my uncle Grady Gaines the saxophonist). 'Beware of My Dog' hit Album got some Elvis Presley's flavor of Rock n’ Roll with a beat of move your body, clap your hands, and get up and dance to the beats of blues and rock n' roll.

In-fact the whole cd 1950’s 'Beware of My Dog' was produced by Carolyn Gaines…

I did not have a producer which the Rolling Stones 2018 Grammy Winner-producer Miles Grayson the hit maker listen to 'Beware of My Dog', and  Miles stated, ''Beware of My Dog is an average CD. But, Sammy Jay the DJ at WDCB 90.9 FM in Chicago said, ‘I GOT A HIT CD ON MY HANDS.''

My sound is mainly characterized with the liking of Diana Ross, Billie Holiday, Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, and Big Mama Thornton's sound waves. Grammy Winner Tina Turner heard my sound said,'' I sound like Big Mama Thornton." I can certainly hear the characterization in 'Beware of My Dog’ album. Carolyn studied relentless hard work of being a Closet Blues singer. By way of Gaines mastered records of   mega-Superstars like: Diana Ross, Roy Gaines, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Fat sound of Koko Taylor, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Marvin Gaye, Peabo Bryson, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, and Tina Turner. This was my only way out to be whom I am today an out of the Closet Blues Singer, 2018.

Are there any memories from gigs, jams, interviews and studio sessions which you’d like to share with us?

First, My memories from gigs: When I first with on stage to sing at one of my father Roy's gig in Downey, Ca. I never forgot what I wore a blue, red, and yellow two piece pants suit. I sang Diana Ross song 'Am Getting Ready for Love' along with my brother Darryl Gaines is a singer who sounds like Barry Manalow, and Jackie Wilson, and my baby sister Dea'muirr who sounds like a bird and Vanessa Williams.

The most important lesson that I learned on my own from sitting in with many, many bands: That some Bands can’t play B.B. King's 'The Thrill Is Gone', or ‘Sweet Home Chicago'. I had to sing according to the melody that the band was/is playing the song whether the melody is correct or wrong. So, I can sing anyway the band plays their melody.

Second, My memories are when Paul Benjamin, hired me to perform in Brooksville, Florida  'Camping At The Blues' Concert 2017,  I opened my set sang without the band three melodies (‘God Bless The Child’ by Billie Holiday, 'Getting Ready For Love' by Diana Ross and 'Too Shy To Say' again by Diana Ross, and  before going into my 45 minutes set. Paul Benjamin: Thanks for that opportunity!!!

Thirdly, I remembered a gig in Blythe, California my first professional concert booked by late great James Brown's daughter Mickey Brown, and could not believe that I opened for Eric Gales who told Me to ‘‘Break a leg.'' Chris King Fish was one of the acts on the Bill. I didn’t believe this 14 year old could whale out like B.B. King. Chris King Fish played the guitar like Roy Gaines & Roy Gaines. Eric Gales blasted everyone into space that night at the Blythe River Blues Festival.

Fourth, I have done over 150 or more interviews what I recalled is your interview I love the questions about Ike Turner, Bobby Blue Bland which informed me immediately that You had studied my blues history. Because many people you can hired them and you can tell that they needn’t read anything about the Artist or even listen to their music? Thanks for studying my past history!

Fifth, I remembered being on stage with Big Jay McNeely for first time with producer Leon Levy, and Big McNeely heard me sing for the first time.  McNeely always tossed me his massive smile, eyes gets very big and glows with excitement.  Big Jay is very happy to hear blues singer Carolyn Gaines whale the Blues. Barbara Morrison shows me her amazement to hear me blow blues and jazz.

What I remembered from studio session in 2016.

I needed a band that could play raw Chicago Blues sound, and I asked late great Leon Haywood's Right hand man Andy whom sent me an out of this word, impressive musicians with great musicianship:

Studio Musicians: Carolyn Gaines-Lead Vocals, Big Jay McNeely-Saxophone, my cousin Grady Gaines Jr. Saxophone, Del Atkins-Bass, Fred Clark-Guitar, Chad Wright-Drums, Glen Doll-Harmonica, and Rudy Copeland-Organist. Thanks to: Charles Wright for his expert suggestions on 'Something on Your Mind' for directions.

I recalled all the striking-musicians walked in ready to perform, and I thought the musicians were going to be stopping and starting, if I made a mistake, and it was not that type of protocol. Del Atkins gave me directions and asked me to sing each of the songs down while the band performed.

Meaning, in one hour the musicians were finished recording in the studio. Then stellar guitar player: whom is the marvelous Fred Clark nailed down 'Down Got Old' in 30 minutes a Buddy Guy covered song on his 1990's album called 'Dam, Right I Got The Blues', and guitarist David Jr. Kimbrough the owner of 'Done Got Old' covered by Carolyn Gaines.

I also remembered the Engineered and Mixing stupendous Bill Da'Shiell after finished a recording session informed me that, ''I could spit, and I was very unique at spitting.''

Bill Da'Shiell made this album 'Beware of My Dog' flow like a butterfly and sting like a Bee with Muhammad Al's boxing gloves on working his powerful engineering.

I also remembered once that I had laid down the song' I'm Your Cat, Babe' about Buddy Guy!  I laid the song down first time, Bill Da'sheill the engineer. We both agreed that the first take was perfect. And, I couldn't duplicate 'I'm Your Cat, Babe' for another take the same way. Thank You Jesus!

I remembered that the first take of the song call 'Jerry Rice, Busy Man' about an American Hero Football player named Jerry Rice.  In order for me to lay the vocals down the first time; somehow, the song was hard to record. So, I had to go back in the studio to clean up the vocal track on 'Jerry Rice, Busy Man' ……I love this song.  It was a challenge for completion of 'Jerry Rice, Busy Man' a hot country blues song.

I recalled being in late great Leon Haywood’s recording studio that produced the great hit song called ‘Bad Mama Jama’ sang by Carl Carlton a great R&B Singer from 1980's. I had to clean up the song called 'Stone Out Your Raggly Mind' which was difficult to sing which is dedicated to Jimmy Reed & Buddy Guy. My cousin is Grady Gaines Junior on saxophone a hot number.

Lastly, during my year of completing 'Beware of My Dog' just released January 19th, 2018.  Brought to my mind that: I had called Grammy Winner Bobby Rush to find out if Mr. Rush knew any blues Harmonica Players in Los Angeles. I needed a harmonica player to lay down the songs 'Charlie Mae & Chicago' about my Mom who is named Charlie Mae and the song is about 7 Times Grammy Winner Buddy Guy.

Bobby Rush asked what studio are you recording in?  I said, ''Leon Haywood's' Grammy Winner Bobby Rush stated,'' A lot of Hits came out of that Studio.''

Next, I retained my phone had rung, and it was legendary Big Jay McNeely whom asked me to record his song 'Something on Your Mind' and Big Jay said,'' I should listen to B.B. King & Etta James version along with Little Milton, Himself (Big Jay McNeely),and my most favorite raw-blues singer of all times Life Time Achievement: Mr. Buddy Guy to determine how I would like to sing 'Something on Your Mind' and of course: I followed Big Jay McNeely's instructions.

This led me to listen to Mr. Buddy Guy’s version of 'Something on Your Mind' to create my style. I had chosen Buddy Guy's to study because I can sing in any of Guy’s vocals arrangements. That Buddy Guy creates and produced to sing in the recording studio.

'Something on Your Mind' turned out to be a very sexy, jazzy, bluesy-classic soulful version with gospel from the church house (When I was a little girl in Houston, Texas) meaning a large amount of Soul from the belly of blues singer Carolyn Gaines just like when I sing 'I Want Your Money, Honey' raw blues from me. I enjoyed creating the breaks at end of 'I Want Your Money, Honey' song with the band at Sunny Side Studio.

Finally, I like to share that I needed an organ player, and (Andy-Leon Haywood's right hand man) informed me to contact Charles Wright who had the Hit Song called 'Express Your Self''.  And I told: Charles Wright that I was legendary Roy Gaines's daughter. Charles said, ''When are you going to the recording studio and where, because I would love to be there to observe you singing 'Something on Your Mind' by Big Jay McNeely.  I said, ''Leon Haywood's in about two days, and I will be calling you, Mr. Charles.

I called Charles Wright whom that I had never met, and Charles showed up a well-groomed-dressed gentleman who gave some great expert suggestions while I was in the recording booth worked, and I worked narrative of 'Something On Your Mind' from Buddy Guy's 1990's translation.

The most outstanding magic out of the whole recording session is to have Rudy Copeland organist-master to show up at Sunnyside Studio in Los Angeles whom played the piano on all songs from the late great Johnnie 'Guitar' Watson's Album called the ‘Superman Lover'. So, Andy gave me Charles Wright's telephone number. I called Mr. Wright whom gave me the contact number Mr. Rudy Copeland.

Amazing organist on ‘Something on Your Mind’…

I must say to all my new blues Fans that being in Sunny Side Studio with the top flight R&B Promoter Mr. Andy from 1960's, to early 1990's that promoted Mega Superstars Cher & Barry White'. What a Blessing. Meanwhile: Mr. Andy gave me his generosity, support, and encouragement to recorded 'Beware of My Dog'.

Much respect to the musicians: Big Jay McNeely-Saxophone, Del Atkins- bass- upright bass, Fred Clark- guitar, Chad Wright, drums, Glen Doll, Harmonica, my favorite cousin Grady Gaines Jr. Saxophone whom blasted his sax, and Rudy Copeland, organist these gentlemen left joy and amazement on the record 'Beware of My Dog'. I remembered producer Leon Levy groomed me before going in the studio to sing ‘I Want Your Money, Honey’ which is the song that I gave to Buddy Guy, and Mr. Guy would not record the song. On day Buddy Guy will record the song.

So, I decided that I would sing ‘I Want Your Money, Honey’ myself in a deep raw down-home gritty blues style.

What does to be a female artist in a man’s world as James brown says? What is the status of women in music?

At this moment without me listening to James Brown’s song with such power house lyrics: To be a female artist in a man’s world man of the 21 Century, a woman first got to be strong, believe in herself (many people are not going to be there for you and your dreams) STAY dedicated to your craft and dream big, don’t half achieve your dream stated from T D Jake, understand that action is the name of the blues game, Never doubt yourself stated from Les Brown.

On the Business side: as a woman in a man’s world because Men and Woman will smile in your face and take your last earn dollars and half do the job many, many times over again: That you paid them to do a professional job.

If you as a woman become Tired in your dream music blues craft, call on God, and Keep going because the break through is just around the corner, and No excused are for Losers stated by Eric Thomas.

Just keep the faith and peace with in yourself, and as a woman in a man’s world love yourself first, and stop thinking.  Women got to be loved by a man in the break of our break through. Love is great but to love a man that can’t see your music dream and a jealous man can stop your train. To all women entertainers are not have courage, believe in you and put yourself first then love will come.

On my debut Cd ‘Beware of My Dog’ please women listen to track #4 ‘Catch That Train’ a song for woman to rise up first with a career to financially to purchase your own Mansion, Phantom Rolls Royce for $397,000 and 37 cents, a sofa $25,000, and to be able to pay your own electrical, water, and gas bills etc.,  Women got to prepare themselves with a skill or step out on faith and get their Dreams, and Goals: to take care of their Basic needs first without the support of a man.

The status of women in the music business is very sad for African American Women:

Especially after the passing of Koko Taylor 2009 & Etta James in 2012 in Blues Music world that I have observed last 30 years. While, I was in the Closet singing Diana Ross songs, Marvin Gaye songs, Peabo Bryson Songs, Bettie Wright songs, Gladys Knight songs, Stephanie Mills songs, Luther Vandross songs, Sam Cooke songs. Then, I moved into the Blues Music.  I was in the Closet singing the Blues of such greats my father first Roy Gaines, Lead Belly, Blind Boy Fuller songs, Shemekia Copeland, Bobby Blue Bland songs ( Love Bobby’s raw real blues sound from the bottom of my heart all day and night long), Bessie Smith songs, Ma Rainey songs, Billie Holiday songs, B.B. King songs, so I would study the Blues very well for many hours while Roy Gaines, Grady Gaines, B.B. King, Eric Clayton, Mick Jagger, and Buddy Guy were on the road touring around the world.

Secondly, the status of African American women are not enough on the major booking agents rosters to tour around world to sing the Blues, and from what I have seen since 2009 into 2012. The Blues Market World doesn't have an African American Woman that can really whale out the raw deep blues from her stomach.

We don't have a Queen of Blues today. The society of today just don't have a Black woman the Queen of Blues like in 1920,s 1940's,1950's 1960's of course Bessie Smith, Ma’Rainey, Billie Holiday, Koko Taylor, Etta James: These women shaped the Blues loud and Clear!

There isn’t a Hot-Sharp ‘Black Woman Blues’ Singer, Today. 20 Years ago, I believe it could have been me. I asked my father for help; for instance, it just didn't happen. I asked (first) Blind Pigs, Severn Records, Alligator Records, JSP Records, Cleopatra Record, Del Mark Records and Ruf Records. And every companies told me No.

Now, I am charting on radio stations with their artists today like Samantha Fish, Kim Wilson, and Bernard Allison just to name a few.

African American Women are just lost in the Blues Promotion World and Black Men of the Blues are in the house on weekends not touring broke and not making Money at their love for Blues. I think women have to hear so many no, no, no, no, no, no, no, before the doors finally opens for her, because, So many business executive; for, instance, prefer not to believe in a woman whom don't have an Album recorded, not on the road, no band, no promotion, and certainly not a big booking agent or even a manager today. Think about Bessie Smith How She signed to Columbia Records.

Finally again, I don't hear Black Woman on the Radio Station Charts: We Black Women are the foundation for the Blues, and It is not going to change.

It is sad that year after year ‘No Black Woman’ receives a ‘Blues Grammy Awards’ and on that notes still very few Black Blues Men.

Maybe, One day a change will appear out of the Sky for all the women who sings the Blues. Anyway, I love the Blues, I am so happy to have been borne in the Blues from father: Roy Gaines and mom: Charlie Mae and I did 'Catch That Train' song #4 on my new release 'Beware of My Dog' Album.

What has made you laugh and what touched (emotionally) you from Roy Gaines and his music?

What made blues singer Carolyn Gaines laugh!  My new cd 'Beware of My Dog' made me laugh massive amounts of times. When, my new blues fans young and old shares ‘Beware of My Dog’ with me the way they dances, laugh, sing the song ‘Beware of My Dog’ and  express that this Chicago Blues Music reminds them of their Momma, Daddy, Grandmother, Grandfather, Jerry Rice, moments at their 80th Year old Auntie's Birthday party, and ‘Beware of My Dog’ cd made the people have a good time, and want to take their clothes off especially on the re-make of I'm Your 'Hoochie Choocie Woman' that Muddy Waters first recorded  in 1954 'Hoochie Choocie Man'……

I sold many, many cd’s on the streets, and Many of my unknown Blues Fans heard my music on my car radio, and asked me who is that and I said me...They purchased ‘Beware of My Dog’ cd immediately.

When, I called my Chicago best friend Dorothy as soon as She answered her cell phone, Dorothy started singing the hit song ‘Beware of My Dog over and over. I have seen 7 year olds children dancing to my new blues music on the song ‘Catch That Train’ …..The people in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's 70’s and 80’s are buying ‘Beware of My Dog’.....  Soon as I mentioned Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Buddy Guy, Johnnie Lee Hooker, Elvis Presley, and Big Mama Thornton, and David Jr. Kimbrough.  Sells goes up on the streets: for ‘Beware of My Dog’ Album.

Briefly, what touched me emotionally?

Is that My uncle Grady Gaines and my father Roy Gaines didn’t come to my aid to help me record ‘Beware of My Dog’…..Also to watch my father Roy Gaines who is a Superstar of Blues, Rockabilly, and Jazz to not have received the recognition that my father deserves from the Blues Foundation and the Grammy Awards.

What else touched me emotionally?

To have learned the Blues from my father Roy Gaines, B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland and mainly Buddy Guy, and They don’t even know: They are blues singer Carolyn Gaines Blues teachers.

What touched me again emotionally?

About my father is that Roy Gaines is an outstanding blues-singer his singing is very well educated, but my father-sings the Blues in a classy style of singing the Blues. When, I CAN HEAR MY BLUES-CLASSY PRONUNCIATION OF MY PHASING THAT'S… MY DAD, ROY GAINES COMING OUT OF MY CREATIVITY, THANKS DAD!

My, dad, Roy Gaines: Explaining my father whom is a very classy Act of the Blues from his singing, style of clothes, hats, and shoes. My father loves to dress up every day.

Emotionally: B.B. King should have given my father Roy Gaines his torch to carry on with grace, and style of raw real Blues. Well, my father music is well diversity from a planet of mars meaning you really got to be educated to step in his Blues shoes because Roy Gaines is an intelligent and educated source from his Blues dictionary one can only understand that Roy Gaines is colder than ice water with his rockabilly, jazz and Blues singing. Roy Gaines is college bound musically.

So, I will never witness my father Roy Gaines standing on stage, and recalled to his Blues fans that He can only play music by hearing. Promoter Bubba Smith told me your, “Dad plays the guitar like He is from Mars.’’

What most for sure I membered about his (Roy Gaines) work ethnics?

That my father loves to practice before any of his gigs, and most certainly majors’ gigs like Europe, Italy, or England or small gigs. My father Roy Gaines is a very hard worker in his Blues professional like Buddy Guy, Eric Clayton, Mick Jagger, and Jerry Rice in his ex-Football career.

All, I have to say about my father Roy Gaines and my uncle Grady Gaines Sr.

They are No Joke in the Blues and Rock n' Roll. My father and my uncle walked on some humid soil, which I watched many, many business professionals whom kept them back in the business. My cousin Grady Gaines Junior is an outstanding saxophonist like his father my uncle Grady Gaines Sr. and blues singer Carolyn Gaines an amazing blues singer like her father.

So, Let us shine our gifts from the Lord inside this big old universe gracefully the Blues!

How has the Blues music and culture influenced your views of the world and the journeys you’ve taken?

The Blues influenced me massively to inspire me to come out the Closet to Record my first Blues Record called, 'Beware of My Dog'. The Blues music taught me one-day to be Bold like a Tiger, and the Blues journey influenced me to show the world my deep raw, real Blues talents. Leon Levy influenced me to sing the Blues. And Leon Levy always said, “I can hear all those Blues Greats and Diana Ross in your vocals, Carolyn.’’

The Blues influenced my views in this society that Blues is never going to go anywhere.

Meaning, I do believe in less than 50 years from now. I don't see African American's owning the Blues or singing the Blues! Then, Blues Fans will finally see the true break down of the Blues.

The Blues has not grown that much for African American groups in the Blues Society because Africa American’s pretty much don't like the Blues until The Blues is forced on them.

Then our Society African American of people can say. We like to Blues: it is my first time listening to blues singer Carolyn Gaines, new and old, blues music 'Beware of My Dog' that makes the people of ALL races dance sing, clap, be happy to hear some down home Blues from out of the Closet Blues singer!

The journeys are many, many to get to write a much extended talkin' for

Meaning it was not easy to write this write-up a very long coastline fight as, if I was in the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Muhammad Al. I got my blues boxing gloves on in the color of red and yellow the fight has just began with my baby my first record called, 'Beware of My Dog', I'm Your Cat, Babe, Stone Out Your Mind, Catch That Train, Hoochie Choocie Woman, Done Got Old, Mr. Dill Pickle, Jerry Rice: Busy Man, Charlie Mae & Chicago (song to My Mom & Buddy Guy) written about Buddy Guy  and (Something On Your Mind’…song to Buddy Guy).

Each of my songs tells about my many endless journey's that I much say some journeys made me laugh, cry many nights, and I am all blocked up, some journey's I  couldn't sleep at night, and but  most of the journeys made me not give up on 'Beware of My Dog.' A few journeys made me happy and cry, cry, cry…on my grand-daughter’s floor in her bed room, and I was dress in red and white polka dots.

Love you: Buddy Guy, Big Mama Thornton, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, Johnny Lee Hooker, Big Jay McNeely, Blind Boy Fuller, Lurrie Bell, Chan Romeo, Leon Levy, Big Jay McNeely, David Jr, Kimbourgh, my uncle Grady Gaines, my cousin Grady Gaines Junior, and my father Roy Gaines.

Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Peabo Bryson Buddy Guy, and Roy Gaines: my teachers Love Yaw!!!

Special Thanks to Leon Levy & ‘Hip-Hip Shakes’ hit song of Chan Romeo who groomed me to sing the Blues today whom I met at Elvis Presley’s house. And, I sang at the King of Rock n’ Roll house Elvis Presley’s with Chan Romeo. 

Robert Honablue the world renowned Record Mastering blaster that mastered Ike & Tina Turner, George Benson, Carlos Santana, Snoop Dog, the Chambers Brothers, Barbra Streisand, and blues singer Carolyn Gaines's cd ‘Beware of My Dog’ 2017.

Now, I got to go: ''Now that the Closet Blues Singer is out of the Closet!  It is my turn to see what I can do!!  The name Lady Blues is what Carolyn Gaines is called in Europe, Today.

Just like Buddy Guy would say, It I got to go now!!

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