Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's widow Judy are getting the band back together. According to Variety, Belushi and former 'SNL' writer Anne Beats have written a 'Blues Brothers' TV pilot and are shopping it around to the networks.

In the script, iconic bluesmen Jake and Elwood Blues are just out of jail, and Elwood, who was raised in an orphanage, is on a mission to find his birth-parents. Aykroyd is attached to the pilot as the voice of the boys' parole officer.

'Blues Brothers' made its debut in the late 1970s as an 'SNL' sketch starring Aykroyd and the late John Belushi. The 1980 big-screen adaptation was a smashing success and cemented the characters' cult classic status.

"I think these are great American characters," Judy Belushi told Variety. "We want to keep them alive. We chose to introduce them as new characters but do it in an way that they have some history, have some life behind them."

Today in Bad Idea news, EW's Popwatch blog is reporting that Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi (widow of the late John Belushi) are pitching a TV series based on the 1981 movie The Blues Brothers, which, in turn, was based on a Saturday Night Live sketch. Great idea! is what I would say if someone suggested we order a pizza. Because this Blues Brothers idea is a terrible idea.

Co-writer Anne Beats describes the pitch as "Route 66 meets Glee." If I could stop throwing up in my mouth, I get what she's saying: it's going to be a musical TV series, but it's way easier to drop the name of a very popular show than to say the show will be a musical. Still, I don't want to hear Glee mentioned in the same sentence as The Blues Brothers unless it's to say "Glee is nowhere near as good as The Blues Brothers."

I love Dan Aykroyd, and he will forever be unassailably cool just for the work he did on SNL (not to mention many other great, classic projects he has been involved with). But he has to stop threatening to destroy his own legacy by reviving the things that made him great and turn them into something terrible. Stop making Blues Brothers 2000 (too late). Stop saying that Ghostbusters III is going to happen. Stop trying to turn The Blues Brothers into a TV show. Leave it all alone. Make something new, maybe.

Obviously, this is all very much in the "let's get headlines with this bit of news and see how everyone reacts" stage. I would be surprised if it ever happened, and I'm ok with that.

But as long as we're on the subject, let's look back at The Blues Brothers and 10 other movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches. Let's hope no one in Hollywood follows this lead and tries to get a Ladies' Man sitcom off the ground.

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