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Q&A with North Carolina-native Harvey Dalton Arnold, member of southern-rock band The Outlaws from 1976-80

"Music is maybe the most powerful tool in our world. It should be handled that way, never used to hurt or divide. Use it to uplift souls and bring hope. I do however believe in its use in forging positive social change. I’ve had an Alzheimer patient sing along with the words to a song with nurses amazed. It happened to touch where nothing else could. Music is a powerful thing."

Harvey Dalton Arnold:…


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Rev. Shawn Amos tells The blues - and the best rock & roll - burns right through your heart into your soul

"The blues connects me completely to my past, helps me understand my present, and tells me my future."

Reverend Shawn Amos: Further Blues 

Shawn Ellis Amos is an American songwriter, singer, record producer, web personality and founder and CEO of Freshwire, a digital content creation company. Prior to founding Freshwire, Amos was an A&R…


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Q&A with next generation Chicago blues artist Michael Damani, brings the infamous style of west-side soul and blues to the forefront of a new breed

"A lot of people think of Blues as sad music, and perhaps even disgraceful to black people as an art form. Nothing could be further from the truth. The blues is soul power and the blues is truth. Many times, people tell me that although they are not blues fans, that my performance touched them. I hope that every musician or performer who has a passion for the blues can experience what I have explained. There's nothing more eye opening than experiencing the…


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Q&A with British musician Dave Kelly (The Blues Band), acknowledged as being amongst the very finest purveyors of rhythm & blues

"Take nothing for granted. No use crying over spilt milk...."

Dave Kelly: The Music of Feeling

The individual members of The Blues Band were already held in admiration by generations of rhythm & blues fans when they formed back in 1979. Almost two and a half decades and over 16 albums later they continue to add to their growing army of…


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Interview with pianist/composer Anthony Geraci, a musician with experience beside blues & jazz legends

"Blues is honest music and people the world over desire honesty in their lives and the music they listen to."

Anthony Geraci: Daydreams with the Muse

Anthony has been featured on over 50 recordings with some of the biggest names in blues music. He has recorded with blues pioneers: Big Walter Horton,…


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Q&A with Mark Wenner (The Nighthawks) - mission of recreating rock ’n’ roll from the ever-exciting roots of American Music

"Rock and Roll and the popularity of real African American music really did help change America (and other counties too). When Duck Dunn and Steve Cropper and Al Jackson and Booker T worked together at Stax, it proved that there could be joy and harmony. Still not enough to stop all the hate and fear but it did shake the walls."

Mark Wenner: The Nighthawks On The Road…


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Q&A with southern California-based Jim Gustin and Truth Jones, share some of the wisdom they have gained on the journey.

"Music and all art reflect the culture. It is my hope that our music makes people feel like they are not alone, that others have experienced the same challenges that they have faced and are facing and overcame them. We want to be encouraging and provide some hope for people and at the least provide a distraction from life's struggles for a couple hours."

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones: Heart and…


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Q&A with Jorge "Flaco" Barral, one of the most charismatic and unique artists in Uruguay's early '70s rock and blues scene.

"I think it’s a kind of boomerang. Culture self-nourishes. Literature, especially poetry, has rhythm and rhythm is music; music is also made up of lyrics in the songs. It is almost a loving marriage. The symbiosis of music and literary tradition shook the world, something that reflects in the life and work of Kerouac."

Jorge "Flaco" Barral: The Art To Be Artist…


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Q&A with Latin America's rising blues star, Jose Ramirez - blend Blues with soulful genres such as Soul and R&B

"Blues started as a racial and socio-cultural protest but with time, it has evolved, and we all live the Blues in our lives one way or another. We all have struggle and we all experience pain, so I believe it’s safe to say the we all have the Blues whether we know it or not."

Jose Ramirez: Here I Come, Soulful Blues

At 31 years old, Jose Ramirez…


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British veteran musician Gary Fletcher (The Blues Band) talks about the Blues, racing cars and Nat Adderley

"I hope that music retains some sort of value to people - both emotional of course but also regains some fiscal value too. The business model for recorded music is broken - too many people no longer pay for music."

Gary Fletcher: River Keeps Flowing

Co-founder and continuing member of the Blues Band with Paul Jones, Tom McGuinness and…


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Q&A with Montrealer, Justin Saladino - blues/rock 'n’ soul with powerful guitar playing, sultry vocals, and genre-blending compositions

"Music, in general, has a huge impact on people, culture, and politics. The influence of the Blues is historically immense! From a dark history rooted in African-American slavery to British blues-rockers bringing the music to the spotlight; the music has since transcended era, race, and culture. It's brought people with completely different backgrounds together and has been a vehicle for expression."…


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Q&A with versatile saxophonist Evelyn Rubio, relates to what she identifies with the idea that “The blues has no borders”.

"I miss the real live music in concerts, everything it's about computer and I worry for the new generations that can grow up thinking this is the only way to go. My hope is to sell out major stadiums around the world and my fear is technology will continue to divide us rather than bring us together."

Evelyn Rubio: The Soul of The Blues



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Q&A with five-time Grammy winner Robert Cray - created a sound that rises from American roots and arrives today both fresh and familiar

"I think it's had a strong impact on what goes on, because first of all the music speaks to the people, if it’s African-American music, say for example the young kids, they listen to rap, they’re speaking to people who know life-style, the same lifestyle, if there’s a message in it that they want to come across, people understand the message and they respond accordingly."

Robert Cray: That’s What I…


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Q&A with Portuguese Folk/Blues musician Tercio Freire aka Nanook, an one-man band with influences from Fado

"Fado and Blues have the same mood and a way of expressing the soul."

Tercio Nanook: Suricata Crossroads

Born in the Azores Portugal, Tercio Freire aka Nanook is a Folk/Blues singer songwriter that started playing in Bars in all Algarve (South Portugal), an achieved in few years the status of one of the best Folk/Blues players in South Portugal…


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Q&A with Victor Wainwright, his artistic scope include music representing virtually every corner of the roots music world.

"I like to bring people together with our music, and I like to let music heal. The musical language and exchange that naturally happens with our audience is important, but even more so, the emotion that is attached with the messages we deliver are real and delivered with soul, and that exchange comes back to us ten fold."

Victor Wainwright: Memphis Loud Railroad…


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Q&A with San Diego based bluesman Chickenbone Slim - explores various interpretations of modern blues and society in the 21st Century

"Any time you write a song, create art, you can speak the truth, you can send a message. I believe if enough of us stand up and say something it will change."

Chickenbone Slim: Real Life's Blues

Chickenbone Slim is a bluesman living in San Diego, CA. He is the guitarist and vocalist for Chickenbone Slim and the Biscuits. CB has been playing blues…


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Q&A with double-bass phenomenon Adam Ben Ezra - combining elements of modern jazz, rock and world music

"Music highlights the beauty and the magic of each culture and it’s a way for people to connect emotionally to different kinds of societies."

Adam Ben Ezra: Crossroads Freedom

Double-Bass phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist and YouTube sensation Adam Ben Ezra; a man seemingly on a mission to bring his instrument from its status as a background note…


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Q&A with powerhouse vocalist Hurricane Ruth, deeply rooted in traditional blues, but make no mistake, she can rock the house

"Without American Roots music, there would be no blues music. The blues has given birth to many different genres. It all comes from the same DNA, the same lineage. We are all the same, in that sense."

Hurricane Ruth: Good Life's Soundtrack

Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is a vocal powerhouse. Hurricane Ruth earned her name because no one believed that…


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Q&A with British Blues and Country musician Dani Wilde, also recognized for her humanitarian work fighting to prevent child poverty in Kenya

"I think the blues community is just that, it really is a community of like-minded people around the world who share a passion for music – but more than that they are a loyal and caring bunch of people."

Dani Wilde: Blues, Folk & Love

Over the past years Blues and Country singer-songwriter Dani Wilde has performed at thousands of venues and…


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Q&A with UK musician Clare Free - passionate songwriter, fabulous singer, guitarist, as well as an exceptional performer

"It certainly helped to gain social acceptance for black performers in the USA during the Civil Rights Movement and it also helped to bring the issues to the fore with songs like ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ helping society to understand the issues that were needing addressing. Blues also offered a wider voice to those members of society who were not able to attend the rallies and marches and helped by enabling them to feel involved by listening to the new…


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