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Q&A with St. Louis guitarist Tony Campanella - raw talent and experience gained the respect of fellow artists

"I feel that Blues can provide us all a means to transcend all of these boundaries. As musicians, we also have the responsibility to honor the history and roots of the music that we hold dear. Through that, we all can have a better understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of our racial and cultural differences. Hopefully that will lead to an elimination of our divisiveness and unite us."



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Q&A with Italian Hammond B-3 player Luca Kiella Chiellini - high energy describes the approach to his music

"The racial discrimination and socio-cultural differences go away with the music, and it’s the best part of it in my opinion. It equalizes everything and everyone, and it is extremely important in a world like the one with have today, where both in Europe and the USA old racial and social discrimination is coming back."

Luca Kiella Chiellini: The Caesar of Keys…


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Boston-based guitarist Peter Ward talks about his experiences and journeys in the Blues and Western Swing paths

"At a blues symposium in the ‘90s, someone described blues as a river that flows forever. But in my view, if blues is a river it finally released into the ocean."

Peter Ward: Train to Key Biscayne

Peter “Hi-Fi” Ward's brand new album "Train to Key Biscayne" on Gandy Dancer Records hit the road on March 29th. Along for…


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Interview with versatile Greek musician, Chris Stassinopoulos - one of the pioneers of Prog Rock & Jazz Fusion scene

Chris Stassinopoulos: Light In The Dark 

Versatile Greek musician, Chris Stassinopoulos is one of the pioneers of the European Prog Rock & Jazz Fusion music scene of 1970s. Chris was born in Athens Greece at 1951. He's drummer, pianist, keyboardist and composer. Shared the stage and recorded with AXIS, ZAO, CLEAR LIGHT, CATHERINE LARA, FRANCIS MOZE (ex GONG, MAGMA), JANNICK TOP (ex MAGMA), JOEL…


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Q&A with Tiffany Pollack, born and raised in New Orleans, where she began singing as soon as she could talk

"Music is such a universal form of expression. People have used music to express heavy emotion for ages. Think about the war cries of ancient tribes to create a sense of being connected with one another so they could operate as one. Music can unite us. In church people sing together to worship as one. Human beings need to feel connected to one another. When people come together in song it is powerful."…


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Writer, poet, and publisher, Tosh Berman talks about the Beats, music, and his new book “Tosh: Growing Up in Wallace Berman's World”

"It’s hard for me to believe that one can’t live without culture - especially art - which to me is music, poetry, literature as well as the visual arts. I think without the appreciation of the arts, then one is lost within their culture. Art is just as important as food."

Tosh Berman:

Growing Up in Wallace Berman's…


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Spanish artist Miquel Antonio de Padua Aguiló talks about the artistic journey and paths of his art, life, and music

“Blues music is perhaps one of the most influential with racial problems, which I only know from the history of the same musicians who had to live and that the British blues musicians made known to the rest of Europe and the world.”

Miquel Antonio de Padua Aguiló:

The Paths & Passion of Creation…


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