We are happy to announce that Natural Causes is released today. This is Solstice Coils second album the first one on their new label.

Natural Causes was recorded in part, mixed and mastered at Bardo Studios, one of the most renowned recording studios in Israel. In this album we are joined by a rhythm section comprised of master musicians Yaniv Shalev and Yatziv Caspi (Yuval Ron and Residents of the Future) as well as a string quartet featured in two songs.

The album booklet features magnificent artwork created by graphic artist Vitaly S. Alexius, with design by our own Opher Vishnia. The highly-detailed artwork includes images and symbols from the lyrics of different songs on Natural Causes, creating a giant multi-conceptual collage.

Natural Causes is available in all of the popular digital media outlets and in selected stores around the world.

If you’d like to order a copy of Natural Causes you can do so ((( HERE )))

Recipe for Eternity, the closing piece on Solstice Coil’s 2nd album, includes exclusive footage from the Natural Causes recording sessions, and takes the viewer deep into the world of our production process.

This footage includes, among others, a string quartet that we recorded for two songs, Recipe for Eternity and Replacing People.

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