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Q&A with Blues legend Rick Estrin, leader of the musically fearless, wildly entertaining band Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

"The popularity of the Blues always goes up and down, but it’ll never die. Right now, there’s a whole new generation of exciting young blues artists emerging who’ll keep the music alive and who’ll keep spreading the news to future generations."

Rick Estrin:

The Nightcats Hits Keep Coming…


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Greek Blues Scene: Q&A with counterculture artist Giotis Kyttaris, storyteller and 'Blues Quixote' of local scene

"If it wasn't for the blues music rock and roll wouldn't never exist which eventually shook up the world's culture. In today's emotional coldness, the sounds and lyrics of that kind of music provide a direct outlet to real human essence, building a world that is more sensitive and hopeful."

Giotis Kyttaris: Blues, Roots & Black Jug



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Q&A with Boogie Woogie & Blues pianist Carl Sonny Leyland, displays a spontaneity, providing plenty of surprises for the listener

"For those of us who have experienced the magic of that music, it is a worthy pursuit to try to convey that magic to others. It is important that we honor those who created and shaped that music, not just the famous names but also lesser known artists who despite their obscurity have created something profound."

Carl Sonny Leyland: Boogie Woogie Party…


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Q&A with actor and musician Donnie Price, Texas-based artist has entertained audiences around the world

"My travels have confirmed to me that music brings people together in ways that politics, culture or religion never can. I was in Austin, Texas in the early 70s when Willie Nelson brought the hippies and rednecks together. It was amazing. And I was blown away when I first went to Italy to find people who understood no English were huge Townes Van Zandt fans.  As long as music can continue to lead the way to our similarities as opposed to our differences…


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Q&A with stellar Blues and Roots artist Shaun Murphy, brings a long history and deep well of emotions in her music

"Roots music, plays a role today by connecting us to our cultural roots and reminding us of our shared experiences. In a fast-paced world, roots music provides a sense of grounding. It celebrates diversity, hopefully bridges divides, and understanding for people from different backgrounds. It's a timeless reminder of the power of music to bring us all together."

Shaun Murphy: The Voice of…


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Q&A with Nashville-based blues/rock singer Chris BadNews Barnes, a dynamic, high-energy performer with sense of humor

"My hope for the future is that the Blues gets more attention than it does, even the Grammy Award for Blues is not considered primetime worthy; to me that’s unfair. My fear is programming is the demise of American Blues Music."

Chris BadNews Barnes: Aristophanes Blues

Recent Nashville transplant Chris BadNews Barnes is a humorist, both by design…


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Q&A with Casey Ladd, assistant manager at Ground Zero Blues Club, authentic Delta Blues experience in Clarksdale, MS

"The impact of blues music on socio-cultural implications is far reaching, touching on themes of emotion, social justice, cultural exchange, community, and artistic expression. It inspires and resonates with people across generations and cultural boundaries."

Ground Zero Blues Club:

Celebrating the Heritage of Blues…


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Q&A with Brandon Stallard of Cryin’ Out Loud, a dynamic blues band, built a loyal following of fans in the North East

"I miss the honesty of music’s past. I miss great albums, where 8 out of the 10 songs were hits. I miss putting on a record and walking across the room to sit down, because you were invested, and you knew you were in good hands for the next 45 minutes, or so. Nowadays, it seems everyone is chasing that 1 hit. And the album is just the vessel to hold it. I miss really great records."

Cryin’ Out…


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Q&A with Guy Wall of Aarythmers, a New Orleans Rock Ensemble with Blues, Americana, Folk, and Funk rhythms

"Music moves and inspires me. I think my creative drive comes from the desire to create emotions in others or to inspire others to take action."

Guy Wall: Cardiac Rhythms of New Orleans

Aarythmers is a band that showcases some of the best songwriters and musicians in New Orleans playing songs written by Guy Wall. The group just released…


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Q&A with Chicago veteran blues drummer Merle Perkins, played behind some of the biggest names in blues

"Blues represents everyday life. Blues has given me the opportunity to make a living."

Merle Perkins: Everyday I have the Blues

As a teenager Merle played in the Spirit of St. Louis Drum & Bugle Corp. “There is where it all started for me with the drums. If it was not for drum corp., I would not be a drummer today. I owe it all to drum…


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