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Q&A with Romania's premier blues artist A.G. Weinberger - a bridge between American blues and Balkan area

"We all walking the path paved by our glorious predecessors, and yes… we all have to cherish their contribution with the utmost respect and reverence… But I’d rather look ahead and think about the future…"

A.G. Weinberger: Bluesylvania Tales

Attila Weinberger, popularly known as A.G., is absolutely peerless in his mastery of the American blues, a…


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Q&A with LA-based guitarist Johnny Main of The 44s - one the brightest rising stars on the American blues roots scene

"It’s been nothing but pure love and respect on the music aspect. Even though we are living in a very racial time right now here in the States...I just surely hope all people of all ethnicities can come together and be as one."

Johnny Main: Blues-Fired Rocket Fuel

After seven long years, The 44s return with Twist The Knife, a new album of…


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Interview with bluesman John Primer - a powerful force in helping to keep alive the pure and real Chicago blues

"You have to open up your heart and let your feelings flow through your body and think happy thoughts while you play the blues."

John Primer: The Soul Of A Bluesman

Two-time Grammy nominated artist and American blues legend John Primer was the bandleader and guitarist for Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Magic Slim & The Teardrops. Having played…


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Q&A with James ‘Boogaloo’ Bolden of The B.B. King Blues Band - King’s music will never be forgotten

"We miss the legends and the pioneers of Blues music. Nowadays there are so many Blues sub categories, but it’s ok because pioneers like B.B. King have built a strong foundation that Blues will remain one of the best genres of music for centuries to come."

James ‘Boogaloo’ Bolden:

The Soul of the King - Long live The…


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Q&A with Rock n' Roll band from Croatia, The Red Roosters (Ljudevit Laušin) - 60's beat group kind of sound

"Rock music definitely had a big impact on the whole society throughout history. Take March on Washington and all the happenings in 1968 as an example. Take all those great gatherings of people and all those big charity concerts. Music was so important that it had the power to move the masses, to provoke them and make them use their brains."

Ljudevit Laušin: Let The Good Times…


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Legendary Finnish Blues & Rock musician Jim Pembroke talks about the Rock n' Roll counterculture

"Hopes... Peace and Happiness, Liberty for All Goodwill Throughout All Nations of the world A Brothers'/Sisters’ hood A Global Backyard Need's to be Kept Clean A Coming of Together and rock n'roll 4 ever!!! Fears…That all the above doesn't work out."

Jim Pembroke: Peace, Rock & Happiness

The titled album "If The Rain Comes" (2014, TUM Records)…


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Greek/American Drummer Jim Christopulos talks about Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Van der Graaf Generator, and Junior Wells

"It’s just so pure. If you alter it too much, it’s not blues anymore."

Jim Christopulos: Feel The Blues Beat

Jim Christopulos is a Greek American drummer from the Windy City, who has followed the blues "dream" with his band, Howard and the White Boys. The members of Howard & the White Boys first met at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb in…


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Q&A with David Goldflies - A Brother's Revival, an exciting new Allman Brothers Band tribute in celebration of the 50th Anniversary

"The Allman Brothers sound was based on many styles of music that were brought to the band by the backgrounds and abilities of the band members. Rock, blues, jazz, and country influences are apparent in the group’s sound."

David Goldflies: A Brother’s Revival

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band, two former members of…


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Q&A with legendary boogie-rock pianist George Frayne: The adventures of Commander Cody and the Pop Art

"All art and the making of all art magnifies and illuminates the soul ... makes you feel good too!!"

George Frayne: Welcome to the Ozone

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen formed in 1967 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with George Frayne taking the stage name Commander Cody. The band’s name was inspired by 1950s film serials featuring the character…


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Q&A with storyteller Jesse Cotton Stone, a heart-wrenching boutique of vintage-toned American blues music

"It is a gift of Medicine for all who will hear it. It has transcended so many barriers of difference and brought so people together. There is a philosophy found in the heart of True Juke Joint Culture: "No Black. No White. Just Blues.""

Jesse Cotton Stone: Hell Country Blues

Jesse Cotton Stone weaves together the stylistic threads of definitive…


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Q&A with bluesy, jazzy and soulful "singer's singer" Paula Harris: This San Francisco lady is on her way!

"I miss the creative explosion that is evidenced in all American music around the midcentury. Where Jazz and Blues were allowed to evolve into R&B, Soul, Country, Pop and all the musical niches we have today. Now, there are so many genres and micro genres that everyone seems to be too busy trying to fill their miniscule niche instead of just creating great music."

Paula Harris: "Speakeasy" Tells…


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Q&A with saxophonist Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (The Texas Horns) - plays music and makes people want to dance

"These days, things politically seem SO BAD that our music offers some relief and solace and alternative. Maybe we need less ‘big’ and ‘mega’ and ‘corporate’ and more ‘little’ and ‘local’ and ‘friendly’."

Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (The Texas Horns):

Let The Lone Star's Good Times Roll…


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