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Blues Cargo at We7

I just discovered Blues Cargo are listed on We7. Any other Greek Bands out there? I will keep looking and let you know. Would be nice to find more and more Greek Blues Bands in music streaming services like We7 and Spotify. If these sound all too strange for you just ask me for basic guidance.

Here is Blues Cargo's Delayed Delivery on We7:

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O Albert Collins γεννήθηκε στη Leona του Τexas τη 1 Οκτωβρίου του 1932 και πέθανε το 1993 από καρκίνο.Ξεκίνησε τη…


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you can help

On Tuesday January 12th, 2010 an earthquake, a magnitude of 7.0 devastates Haiti. We immediately knew that we had to reach to help all those in need. It has been wonderful to see the outpouring of love and donations for the relief of Haitians through various ways. This helped with the immediate need of basics like food water and some medical needs. That said, we see a much bigger picture that needs to be addressed, the welfare of the children the homeless, the rehabilitation for those that lost… Continue

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Terje Rypdal. Dead Man´s Tale (Norway 1968)

Dead Man's Tale" very laidback minor-key blues tune with vibrato-rich guitar and organ and vocals (Terje) - similar in tone to the Zombies' "Time of the Season" but more laidback - some really tasteful and enjoyable solos by Terje and Reim (the organist), plus some breathy flute soloing by Terje - I do like this tune q...uite a bit "Wes" - an obvious guitar-and-bigband tribute to Wes Montgomery, with the intervallic guitar lines and all by Jeff Gower,… Continue

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Relief for Haiti Part 2

It’s only been 24 hours since our press release: "Relief for Haiti" and the project seems to be falling in place I have done the artwork myself I wanted to keep the cover art and album title simple. “Songs For Haiti” The CD will be available through CDbaby and its affiliates like Amazon itunes emusic and so on in the coming weeks. Proceeds to go charity to help the victims of Haiti A promotional video is also in the works and is once again being… Continue

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George Stefanakis in search of a female singer and drummer (both amateurs but serious, please)!

Σύντροφοι μπλουζίστες,

δρομολογώ τη δημιουργία ερασιτεχνικού μουσικού συγκροτήματος. Το οποίο να έχει και την προοπτική δημιουργίας original υλικού. Να διευκρινίσω βέβαια ότι δεν υπόσχομαι τη δημιουργία μπλουζ μπάντας - εδώ και αρκετά χρόνια η προσέγγισή μου στο μπλουζ είναι κάπως αιρετική. Το προσεγγίζω είτε από τζαζ είτε από ροκ οπτική γωνία. Αλλά αυτά δεν μπορώ να τα περιγράψω εξαντλητικά σε λίγες γραμμές. Όποιος ενδιαφέρεται ή γνωρίζει κάποιον που ενδιαφέρεται παρακαλώ ας… Continue

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Καλημέρα στους φίλους του blues/rock

Διαβάστε την συνέντευξη που μας έδωσε ο Jimmy thackery ένας απο τους βετεράνους του blues/rock είδους στο

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Josh White - Hard Time Blues (Country Folk Blues - Political Folk Singer)

Bob Gibson & Shel Silverstein. (legendary folk singer Bob Gibson, and his equally renowned writing partner Shel Silverstein - both disciples of Josh White), in 1979, wrote and recorded a song tribute, "Heavenly Choir," to three of their most beloved artists, Josh White, Hank Williams and Janis Joplin....all brilliant artists, who had…

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Jo Ann Kelly - Jo Ann Kelly (Epic Rec.1969)

The rock era saw a few white female singers, like Janis Joplin, show they could sing the blues. But one who could outshine them all -- Jo Ann Kelly -- seemed to slip through the cracks, mostly because she favored the acoustic, Delta style rather than rocking out…

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The Flying Bear Medicine Show - 1969 (Smash Rec.)

Flying Bear Medicine Show - 1969

This Lp was recorded at the College of Marin County near San Francisco, CA. The members of the Buddy Miles Express, Sir Douglas Quintet, Linn COunty, McCoys, Shades of Joy and Group Therapy decided to jam between members of the groups. This Lp has the highlight tracks…

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John 'Spider' Koerner ,Dave'Snaker' Ray & Tony 'Little Sun' Glover - Blues, Rags, and Hollers (1963)

''IN LOVING MEMORY OF DAVE RAY '' Dave 'Snaker' Ray passed away at home in his sleep at 6:15 AM 11/28/02 R.I.P.

Koerner, Ray & Glover

“Spider” John Koerner. Dave “Snaker” Ray.…

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Electric Flag - Carousel Ballroom San Francisco, May 1968

1968. May. Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco Michael Bloomfield, guitar - Harvey Brooks, bass - Buddy Miles, drums, screams 2, vocals 3,6 - Barry Goldberg, organ, vocals 4? - Peter Strazza, tenor sax - Marcus Doubleday, trumpet - Nick Gravenites, vocals 5,7,8 percussion - Herbie Rich, baritone sax


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Bakerloo - Bakerloo - (UK Psych Blues Heavy 1969)

dave Clem clempson, guitar & vocals

terry poole, bass & vocals

keith baker, drums


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John Paul Hammond - Southern Fried(1969 Atlantic SD 8251)

1969- with The Muscle Shoals Session Musicians (Sound studios)

Shake For Me (Willie Dixon) - Cryin' For My Baby (Harold Burrage) - I'm Tore Down (Sonny Thompson) - Don't Go No Further (Willie Dixon) - I'm Leaving You (Chester Burnett) - It's Too Late (Chuck Willis) - Nadine (Chuck Berry) - Mystery Train…

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BAKERLOO BBC sessions 1969

1. big bear ffolly
2. this worried feeling
3. the last blues
4. driving bachwards…

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Davy Graham "Large As Life and Twice As Natural" (Decca Rec.1968)

(Original covers)
Davy Graham "Large As Life and Twice As Natural" 1968
Davy Graham: guitar, vocals
Dick Heckstall-Smith:…

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Harvey 'the snake' Mandel - Live At The Matrix Club - Frisco 1968


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Electric Flag Live At Monterey Pop Fest 1967 & Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Driftin' Blues (Monterey 1967)

"Drinkin' Wine" perfomed by Nick 'The Greek' Gravenites & The Electric Flag at Monterey 1967. Awesome solo by Mike Bloomfield.…


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Big Brother & The Holding Company - Can't Go Home 1972 (with Kathi Mc Donald on Vocals , amazing!!)

The band reformed in 1969 around the same line-up (except Joplin) —- Albin, Andrew, Getz and Gurley were joined by Nick…

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Big Brother and the Holding Company Guitarist James Gurley Dies at 69

James Gurley passed away on…

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