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Q&A with Mississippi river electric blues musician Lew Jetton, real blues deal on the 61 South and beyond

"To be honest, I am not sure where my creative drive comes from. Sometimes thoughts or phrases just pop into my head, or I will notice something in my every day life and that becomes a piece of the puzzle which later becomes the complete song. I hope people are moved by my songs."

Lew Jetton: Deja Voodoo in the…


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Q&A with UK guitarist Danny Willson of Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash, made a huge stamp on the band's sound

"Music affects everyone, whether they realize it or not. You can overhear a song as you walk down the street, and it instantly changes your mood. Magic!"

Danny Willson: The Rock King is Back

Throw down the sword, proggers- Martin Turner‘s back in town!! Following on from shows that have seen the legendary ex-Wishbone Ash bassist/vocalist perform…


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Q&A with UK dynamic singer Emma Wilson, heart-wrenching sweet soul licks & raw, real, powerful blues

"I think live music has amazing benefits on people’s mental health, it brings joy, relief, escapism and a warm social environment. As an audience member I have probably been to more gigs on my own than with anyone. You can go to a gig alone and be part of a community, smile at the person next to you when the band play something super cool, chat at the bar with people because you have a common interest. Music is great."…


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Q&A with Deborah Bonham & Peter Bullick, a powerful Blues Rock band steeped in the primal intimacy of Soul

"Different types of music can affect people in different ways, sometimes it brings us together, sometimes it can divide us. We all have different tastes and that should be celebrated. I need music to move me, whether that be to get up and dance, sing out loud or whether it makes me reflect, touches my soul - either way it needs to move me. For my own music, I want it to move people but if it doesn’t move me then I don’t feel there’s there’s any way it will…


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Q&A with Max Vanderwolf, a combustible song-writer with multiple past lives spews forth your next melodic trip

"I miss the context. I miss how small the music scene was in 1966-70. I miss the close-knit communities that thrived without the internet, without the media. I miss the sense of discovery music fans had before the algorithms started to force-feed us ''discoveries''.  I think there's loads of great music and musicians out there today. Always interesting new bands in the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere. But I miss great songwriting combined with colorful and…


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Q&A with Nashville-based singer/songwriter Angela Easley, music gumbo with all the flavors of the deep south

"Music heals people! That’s what I want to do. I want to heal hearts & lift spirits with my music."

Angela Easley: Unite People Music

In the tradition of all good southern stories, Angela’s begins on a Sunday morning singing in her church at the tender age of eight. At 13, Angela Easley won a local talent competition that included the…


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Q&A with Gino Matteo & Jade Bennett, a collective of brilliant musicians - breath of fresh air to the music world

"I think it’s personal to everyone how music hits them. Songs inspire people and movements, but I never write that way. I write for myself to get things off my chest and feel better about my life. It’s the only thing that helps me. I want people to hear themselves in the songs I write, of course. But that’s never the goal. The goal is to get out of my own head."

Bennett Matteo Band: Shake The…


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Q&A with Canadian band of The Actual Goners (Tristan Armstrong & Duncan Symonds) rootsy rock kind of sound

"Music has a great power to transcend and allow people of differing viewpoints to find common ground. A  song can insight a similar emotional reaction for people across varying walks of life. Bridging the gap between divisions seems like an important thing to be working on at this point in time."

The Actual Goners: Roots Rock Highway…


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Q&A with the legendary country rockers, The North Star Band - alive and well and ready to rock you again

"Music has always been a social-cultural force in any society. Each generation is moved by its own contemporary sound and message. We can only give people the music that is in our hearts, and present it with the lived experience and musicianship that we’ve developed over the past 50 years. So, while music can certainly impact socio-cultural beliefs, we leave that up to the listener."

The North Star…


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Q&A with Professor Louie, has emerged in the music industry as the torch bearer of the true spirit of American Roots music

"The hope is to have more original and creative music be more accessible and making unknown artists more known. The fear is The recording industry having less of a filter that is has now on the quality of music going to the public."

Professor Louie: The Roots of Rock n' Roll

Aaron L. Hurwitz, known by the stage name Professor Louie…


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