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Memphis-based writer Ron Hall talks about the local Rock n' Roll scene, Elvis, Sun Studio, and his memorabilia

"My hopes for the future that Memphis club owners would have more respect for the entertainers in town and double the fee they pay their talent. I also wish that the music would start earlier."

Ron Hall: Let The Memphis Rocks Roll 

Ron Hall's newest Memphis history book production is a history of Memphis concerts including incredible…


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Q&A with Canadian singer Barbara Diab - brings a unique honesty to each song, without guile, and from the heart

Women were among the first to be recorded in Blues: Mamie Smith and Ida Cox recorded in the 1920s. The Blues had and still has a lot of sex-appeal, sexual references and innuendo. It appeals to strong women who aren’t afraid to express their sultry side. The presence of women in Blues allows them to express just that: the flirty, playful and sensual side.

Barbara Diab: Mojo…


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Q&A with Canadian musician Marshall Lawrence - Rock, Blues & Roots with a raw edge and an acid twist

"I think both Blues and Rock music cross cultural, racial, political and socio-cultural lines. Music doesn’t differentiate or discriminate. It’s a language unto itself. It joins people in a common bond and shared experience.  It creates change in the world by allowing generation after generation to express their lives, their concerns, their ambitions and their hope for the future through music."…


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Swiss photographer Christophe Losberger talks about the Blues, Montreux Jazz Festival, and local scene

"Unfortunately, the impact of music on politics is null, otherwise we would probably live in a better world. Music has an impact on people’s personal life, and can probably help them to become better people, more tolerant, more open to differences, but globally I’m not convinced it makes a big change."

Christophe Losberger: The Images of Music…


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Professor of Architectural Marie-Paule Macdonald talks about landscapes & soundscapes, Hendrix, and architecture

"Italo Calvino and his invisible cities continue to inspire science fiction writers – Hendrix read pulp science fiction – the psychedelic lyric, purple haze was inspired by a story of a purple fog- weather event, a strange night on a strange planet."

Marie-Paule Macdonald: Sound-tectural

Marie-Paule Macdonald is Professor of Architectural and…


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Greek singer Maria Stefanidakis talks about the Blues n' Rock counterculture, local scene, Woodstock, and muses

"I surely miss the optimistic lyrics which embraced the glory of love and life itself. The music which was written by the whole band spending time together. I fear the universal misery and the easy way getting in music. I hope for something original reminding me of the good old pattern."

Maria Stefanidakis: Rock, Peace & Love

Known for her…


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Indonesian guitarist/singer Kongko Bangun Pambudi talks about the Blues, Charlie Musselwhite and local scene

"The blues made me to learn to be more mature in life. Blues for me is not just the music but it was like a fuel that makes my life more living."

Kongko Bangun Pambudi: Blues Way

Kongko Bangun Pambudi was born on June 4th 1982 in…


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Q&A with Jazz drummer, Noam David - recognised by his creative style and his distinctive, complex rhythms

Noam David: Beat & Rhythms

Noam David, born 1971 in Jerusalem, is a drummer and a composer. Performing with his Trio (Omri Mor/Shai Bachar-Piano, Oriental keyboards and Avri Borochov -Bass and Oud) and with the International AVISHAI COHEN'S TRIO.

Recognised by his creative playing style and his distinctive, rich, complex polyrhythmic rhythms. Noam's…


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